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Summer Block Episode Descriptions/Media

Terron from Ology recently had an exclusive interview with Stephen Stohn in which information was obtained regarding upcoming plots, departing seniors, and perhaps the return of EClare if the rumors are true. The interview also debuted a never before seen pic.

View the pic and the interview with Stephen Stohn

The summer block for season 12 will contain 20 episodes and not the 16 that I’ve been reporting in the past. The more episodes we get in the summer, the better. Episode descriptions have surfaced so you can expect to have a gist of what will take place this summer. These descriptions do contain many spoilers but I do not think this will deter you from reading these.

1201 – Come As You Are, Part 1
Drew returns from break ready to end things with Katie. Clare is thrilled to see Eli, but is it mutual?

1202 – Come As You Are, Part 2
After blacking out, Drew tries to piece together what happened at the party.

1203 – Walking On Broken Glass, Part 1
Rejected and angry, Katie seeks revenge on Drew. Simpson asks Eli to work with Becky on the play.

1204 – Walking On Broken Glass, Part 2
Drew feels like his life is falling apart. Meanwhile, Eli and Becky struggle to cast the play.

1205 – Got Your Money, Part 1
Zig tries to hide the fact that he’s poor from Tori. Dave wonders if he’s the right choice to play Romeo.

1206 – Got Your Money, Part 2
Zig will do anything to impress Tori… even steal. Fiona wants Imogen to define their relationship.

1207 – Say It Ain’t So, Part 1
Alli is offered a scholarship to MIT. Jake decides college isn’t for him.

1208 – Say It Ain’t So, Part 2
Alli makes a difficult choice. Jake tries to prove himself to his father.

1209 – Closer To Free, Part 1
Jenna bonds with Becky — and Becky’s hot brother, Luke. Is it a problem that Jenna’s not Christian?

1210 – Closer To Free, Part 2
Jenna gets baptized, but did she do it for the wrong reasons? Drew considers dropping out of Degrassi.

1211 – Waterfalls, Part 1
Clare tries to impress Asher. K.C. and Bianca play matchmaker.

1212 – Waterfalls, Part 2
When Asher sexually harasses her, Clare reports him — and loses her internship. K.C. gets some surprising news.

1213 – Rusty Cage, Part 1
Cam blows off hockey practice to hang out with Maya. K.C.’s dad is released from jail.

1214 – Rusty Cage, Part 2
Cam struggles to live up to everyone’s expectations on the ice. K.C. wants his dad out of his life.

1215 – Never Ever, Part 1
Imogen designs a set for the musical, but is it too elaborate? Meanwhile, Becky interferes with ticket sales.

1216 – Never Ever, Part 2
Imogen worries about her dad’s strange behavior. Becky bonds with Adam. Katie and Jake kiss.

1217 – Sabotage, Part 1
Clare writes an article that stirs up trouble at school and makes her a new enemy — Mike Dallas.

1218 – Sabotage, Part 2
Eli organizes a surprise birthday party to cheer Clare up, and starts to suspect that she’s hiding something.

1219 – Scream, Part 1
When a group of parents try to stop the play, Eli takes action. Meanwhile, Becky wants to “save” Adam.

1220 – Scream, Part 2
On opening night for Romeo and Jules, Tristan is nowhere to be found. Is it stage fright — or something worse?

Episode descriptions courtesy of Kyle at Cabletvtalk

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Happy Easter! I also wanted to include last week’s New Beginnings Promo(w/ spoilers!!!)