Mid-Season Finale Promo


Waterfalls Pt.1 Promo

Waterfalls is by one of the top female groups of all-time, TLC.

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls.
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.
I know that you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all,
but I think you’re moving too fast.”

Who will be chasing waterfalls?

Season 12:Showdown

The twelfth season of Degrassi begins July 16th and it seems as if one central storyline will be used to affect multiple characters along the way much more so than the Drianca storyline from the beginning of last season. A hockey team has been confirmed at Degrassi and it will sure stir up some trouble. So far we know that this team consists of Owen and newcomers Luke, Mike, and Campbell.

The first set of episodes will air over the course of four weeks. These episodes are:
7/16, 9pm EST: Come As You Are Pt. 1
7/17, 9pm EST: Come As You Are Pt. 2
7/18, 9pm EST: Walking On Broken Glass Pt. 1
7/19, 9pm EST: Walking On Broken Glass Pt. 2
7/23, 9pm EST: Got Your Money Pt. 1
7/24, 9pm EST: Got Your Money Pt. 2
7/25, 9pm EST: Say It Aint So Pt. 1
7/26, 9pm EST: Say It Aint So Pt. 2
7/30, 9pm EST: Closer To Free Pt. 1
7/31, 9pm EST: Closer To Free Pt. 2
8/1, 9pm EST: Waterfalls Pt. 1
8/2, 9pm EST: Waterfalls Pt. 2
8/6, 9pm EST: Rusty Cage Pt. 1
8/7, 9pm EST: Rusty Cage Pt. 2
8/8, 9pm EST: Never Ever Pt. 1
8/9, 9pm EST: Never Ever Pt. 2

Other episode titles that have been confirmed are Sabotage, Scream, and Doll Parts which will be airing in the fall.

New characters that have been confirmed for next season are:

Luke Baker– (Grade 11) He is a member of the hockey team

Becky Baker-(Grade 11) Twin sister of Luke

Mike-(Grade 12) Member of the hockey team

Campbell(Grade 10) Looks like he’ll also be a member of the hockey team

In The Cold, Cold Night Pt.1 Promo

A.Fiona and Imogen scheme to end Marisol’s Student Council reign. The plan? Throw an unforgettable end-of-semester holiday carnival. But with a huge family crisis looming, Fiona worries she may have over-promised.

B.Clare makes peace with Alli but still needs the help of the one person who can actually write; Eli. Can these two put their differences aside and work together? Their relationship is put to the test and their true feelings come out.

C.Maya is frustrated with her home life and matters are even worse at school as she’s stuck in an uninspired grade 9 band class. Music means everything to her and Maya fears that, left unchallenged, her passion for music may be slipping away.

Hollaback Girl Pt.2 Promo

Can’t say I’m a fan of another love triangle especially this one because Bianca has made some drastic changes. I’m also not a fan of a love triangle that gets going in one episode and then seemingly ends in part 2 of the same episode. Now Katie has shown some jealousy in the past but the triangle is officially getting started. With that being said, Alicia is doing a fantastic job as Bianca and I hope we get to see Drew and Bianca back together because what they could have will definitely be more organic than the current relationship of Katie and Drew.