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Say It Ain’t So Promo/Band Time

Degrassi Summer Teaser “Bite Your Tongue”

The time is now. This is not Shark in the Water. This is not Steal Your Heart. This is the promo of the summer that you all have been waiting for. Some of you were even waiting since the early morning hours for this promo. I must include prior summer promos that have led to this one. Season 12 has the potential to be epic. Are you ready?

Degrassi premieres July 16th at 10pm est. A new time for season 12.

Justin, Shanice, and Aislinn/Nowhere To Run

After the long anticipated wait, Degrassi “Nowhere To Run” finally found itself to the American airwaves by airing on Teenick last night. Degrassi even trended on Twitter worldwide as a result of the premiere. I didn’t catch all of it, but while I was watching I couldn’t help but think of the episodes that we’ll see in 2012.

Terron R. Moore @ Ology has shared his interview with Justin Kelly, Shanice Banton, and Aislinn Paul, and Degrassi Society has it here.

Also check out the clips shown during last night’s telecast