Your S11 Episode Grades

For all of season 11 you guys have poured in your votes and have graded each episode aired this past season. In actuality you all have graded every episode since the telenovela format began all right here with Degrassi Society. Those polls I’d normally release the night of or night after an episode would air has proven to be a hit with the fans. Your feedback reaches as far out to the offices of Epitome Pictures. I have decided to bring you episode grades courtesy of you as a viewer. I have spent hours  calculating your grades for every single season 11 episode dating back to last summer. As you all know, the highest you could give as a grade for an episode is 10 while the lowest is 1. Remember that the grading seen below is as a result of you the fans which may spark a lot of controversy with some of the grades below. Episodes shown in two parts  have two distinct grades representing part1 on the left and the grade for part 2 on the right. You could look at each grade is if it were graded out of a 100. For example, the episode “Boom Boom Pow” received an 8.7 out of 10. That could also be looked at as an 87 out of 100 which could fall into a “B+” range.

1101/02-Boom Boom Pow 8.7/10

1103-LoveGame 8.9/10

1104-What’s My Age Again? 7.0/10

1105-Idioteque 7.6/10

1106/1107-Cry Me A River (8.1/10) (8.6/10)

1108/1109-Dirt Off Your Shoulder (8.3/10) (8.5/10)

1110/1111-Paper Planes (7.8/10) (7.1/10)

1112/1113-Should’ve Said No (8.3/10) (8/10)

1114/1115-U Don’t Know (7.2/10) (8.8/10)

1116/1117-Lose Yourself (7.6/10) (8.5/10)

1118/1119-Mr. Brightside (6.9/10) (7.4/10)

1120/1121-Extraordinary Machine (8.7/10) (9.2/10)

1122/1123-Drop Its Like Its Hot (7.1/10) (7.4/10)

1124/1125-Don’t Panic (7.3/10) (7.9/10)

1126/1127-Take A Bow (8.6/10) (8.2/10)

1128/1129-Dead and Gone (8.3/10) (9.0/10)

1130/1131-Nowhere To Run (6.2/10)

1132/1133-Underneath It All (7.4/10) (6.4/10)

1134/1135-Can’t Tell Me Nothing (7.5/10) (7.2)

1136/1137-Not Ready To Make Nice (8.6/10) (7.8/10)

1138/1139-Need You Know (7.7/10) (8/10)

1140/1141-Smash Into You (9.1/10) (8.3/10)

1142/1143-Hollaback Girl (8.3/10) (8.7/10)

1144/1145-In The Cold, Cold Night (8.7/10) (9.3/10)