Week 7

These power rankings are reflecting the second week of Now or Never episodes(1126-1129). This will be the final power rankings featuring the departing seniors. We wish them well in their future endeavors.


  • (#) – Last week’s ranking
  • (NR) – Not Ranked


Who dominated the final part of the school year? This kid did. Drew Torres had to balance so much this week that it makes you completely forget everything that had previously happened. Not only did Bianca return, but Drew took it upon himself to help her and to ultimately step up to Vince. At the prom, Drew opened up cans of hell on Vince’s face. This led to Adam getting shot.


Bianca may turn out to be the girl you can define as both sexy and powerful by the time she graduates. She is already sexy. This is not about her looks though. We have seen a different side of Bianca that can be described more along the lines of “soft”. After being invited to prom, you can see that Bianca felt unwanted. Bianca basically made up with Adam by dancing with him. After Adam got shot, Bianca took the gun and headed over to Vince’s hangout spot but Drew was able to prevent her from doing something bad. You can see the pain in Bianca’s eyes and that almost made me think that Bianca and Drew would be an item again. No matter what anyone says, Drew and Bianca should be best friends starting next year.


Katie stays at #3 this week even though she was much stronger during the last week of the school year than previous weeks. After thinking Drew wanted to have sex, Katie did everything she could to try and postpone the situation including inviting Marisol over Drew’s place to prevent any sexual activity. You could see the innocent side of Katie in this situation. At the prom we saw a different side of Katie. We saw the disapproving side of her when it came to Bianca unexpectedly walking into the event. We also saw the side of Katie who didn’t want to take control, as she pouted in a way regarding prom not being the way she imagined. Then we saw the ride or die Katie in which she wasn’t going to let Drew face the issue with Vince by himself. She stood by Drew’s side.


Charlie has a girlfriend and this turned Fiona to the alcohol. Despite this potentially major setback, Fiona was still consistent. You almost have to feel bad for her sometimes because her best friend is graduating while she has to repeat senior year. Fiona will also be entering rehab for her dependency on alcohol It will be very interesting to see the kind of trouble or situations that Fiona gets involved in next year.


Eli is a junior who is going to prom as a server. He locker rolls with Fiona. Their friendship is refreshing. When Adam got shot, Eli was there trying to support him and also went with Adam to the hospital. A little weird scenario with Clare at the hospital ignited fans everywhere with the possibility of a second helping of EClare.


Adam moves up 9 spots for  getting shot in the arm. Well he did get to dance with a girl he once had a major crush on. Drama brings out the best in everyone.


Sav’s farewell to Degrassi involved trying to make a moment special with a member of the faculty, and a member of the radio show getting shot at his final dance at Degrassi. He is the one senior that people felt bad for the most because of his failed relationships, loneliness, and trying to find himself in his culture.


Clare has found out that she will be related to Jake after their parents get married. That is something that really bothers her. I wonder what is going to happen to her next year as this is the most rides that she has been on in one year. Clare and Jake fell apart.

9.Holly J(NR)

The ride is over for Holly J Sinclair at Degrassi but maybe she can hookup with Declan again. We’ll never know unless Fiona tells us something next year. Holly J, Anya, and Chantay all left their hand prints on the newly paved sidewalk outside of Degrassi. Holly J got her surgery and was never able to make prom, but her friends surprised her with a pre-prom the day before.


Anya and the rest of the departing seniors will be missed. Anya is off to basic training for the military and she relies on Owen to help prepare her. Anya went from being Holly J’s sidekick to lying about a pregnancy, and then finally enlisting in the army.


Jake is okay with his dad marrying Clare’s mom. Jake wants to make sure that his father is happy so he proceeds to sort of end things with Clare. We’ll see what happens between the marriage, and between both Clare and Jake.


Dave falls this past week but he has left himself a foundation for his junior campaign at Degrassi.


Owen is a cool dude and was nice enough to help Anya prepare herself for basic training. They obviously shared a kiss.


Riley had to once again tell his mom that he’s gay and that it is not a phase. His mother was accepting of it maybe because she was in a proud state of mind. He’ll be attending Eastern along with Zane.


Marisol convinces Katie that Drew wants to have sex after prom. Once again she was wrong.

Biggest Jump~Bianca

Biggest Drop~Jenna

Not in Power 15

Connor, Julian, Mo, Imogen, Wesley,  Chantay, Zane, Jenna,  K.C.


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