Week 6

These power rankings are reflecting the second week of Now or Never episodes(1122-1125).


  • (#) – Last week’s ranking
  • (NR) – Not Ranked


Drew has maturated quickly over the course of his Junior year. The way he has been behind Katie and how he deals with his own problems lands him atop the list this week.


Every week you wonder what’s going to happen with Eli Goldsworthy. This week he was almost non-existent until he started working with Jake on a sweat lodge. Eli was focused on how to help Jake & Clare get over their problems. At then end of the day it turned out to be quite a success in helping Eli rehab.


Katie Matlin has an eating disorder. It is under control but there is always an urge. After Marisol played the politics role well with a case of slander, Katie did not know her future as a candidate nor her future with Drew. As it turned out, there was a happy ending as Katie won the student president election and chose Marisol as her VP.


No matter where you look at Degrassi, you’ll always see Dave. He has got the suave which is provided on the best(and only) radio show at Degrassi. Dave wanted Alli over for dinner to meet his parents but Alli had other plans. Once again Dave Turner had to be the responsible one and bail Alli out of a gambling situation. He now has some power in  their relationship as he will wait and see if they can be together when Alli gets back .


Fiona is in the same category as Dave when it comes to always being around. She has been rarely involved in something major during the last half of the school year. Whether it’s Holly J, Anya, or Eli, Fiona is usually around. She helped Eli when needed an idea to help Clare and Jake. She is a true friend who has been through her share of problems.


She is intelligent but gets herself into trouble. Alli is going away for the summer due to her academic genius status and all she can think about is finding a way for her and Dave to spend time together. I would think she’d want to spend every sec with him but instead turns to her “counting” cards antic to help win a good deal of money. Despite Dave being mature and telling her that she shouldn’t gamble more, Alli decided to put up her scholarship has a buy-in. It almost turned out bad, but Officer Turner came and busted the situation. We’ll see if Alli can smarten up when she returns.


If anyone hated Marisol for what she was doing to Katie, now you know why she makes it to #7 this week. Marisol was basically jealous of Katie and therefore entered the school election. After her countless slandering and threats to Katie regarding Drew, Marisol finally decided enough was enough. She supported her best friend at the end and dropped out of the election as well.


Jenna must have forgotten that she just recently gave up Ty but either way she was supportive to Alli.


It is always fun to see Wesley, even when he’s jealous as he was this past week. Wesley, in fear of Liam taking his girl, lied about having his driver’s license. This did not turn out well because he got pulled over while Liam and Hannah were passengers.


I liked seeing Imogen and Bianca because it was very refreshing. You have to appreciate Imogen for accepting the apology of Bianca for stealing her money during detention. Imogen claimed to Eli that he broke her heart and has since accepted his apology to her.


Things turned out well with Jake and Clare despite how rude Jake was towards Eli. I guess he now loves Clare and even thanked Eli for helping them.


Mo needs to be around more often because he lightens up the mood with good chemistry between him and practically the whole school. I still believe that Mo should have won the school election.


Bianca’s interaction with someone different shows a softer side of her that we normally did not see.


What has happened to Clare these days? She must be so busy that even she wasn’t around Jake much.


Once again Adam lurks in the background and is being overshadowed by everyone else but he is still relevant. Will something big come for him in week 7?

Biggest Jump~Marisol

Biggest Drop~Clare

Not in Power 15

Connor, Julian, Owen, Anya,  Chantay, Sav,  Zane, Riley, Holly J,  K.C.


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