Week 5

These power rankings are reflecting the second week of Now or Never episodes(1118-1121).


  • (#) – Last week’s ranking
  • (NR) – Not Ranked


You get the sense that this kid is a mastermind stuck in a high school body. I am not sure where to begin with Eli. He is not taking his pills, he’s not taking Imogen love for him seriously, he’s getting insane and he completely went unscripted in the school play. Eli is affecting everyone around him and it goes to show that he as a person has got much self building to do. He is consistently at the top of these rankings because his effect on the school is greater than average.


Drew should be #1 but that is how tough it was to choose. Drew has continued to battle the demons that still haunt him. He does this by taking the MMA training too seriously to actually fight in an underground tournament. Drew is big time since Spring Break and the whole school knows what this guy has went through. He gets closer to Katie whom I’m pretty sure his brother wanted her a week earlier and now they are on the verge of being together.Who knows for sure.


Clare has had much better interaction with Eli than Jake so far this season. That is not to say that Clare should date Eli again, but that there is a lot of character building between the two. Clare enjoyed the play despite the major changes. We are left with Clare standing in the hallway watching Eli as he walked away. That scene alone has probably inspired so many Fan Fiction writers.


Just when you thought we’d have a teen parents scenario at Degrassi, Jenna’s growth and maturity kicks in. Jenna decided what was best for all was to put Ty up for adoption. She continues to make great decisions, plus we are left wondering if she’ll ever give K.C. a chance again.


Dave has steadily improved under everyone’s radar this season. He is even a good influence for Alli. When could we ever say that? Not only does he have good friendships with K.C., Adam, and Drew but he also stepped up with Alli. Dave wanted to be himself around Alli’s parents and things turned out pretty good.


Katie’s power is going to be very significant in the future as head of the school paper. Katie got into some trouble with Drew as she pretty much has prevented his boy club from happening again the school’s workout facility. Katie wants Drew to open up to her but I have no clue why. What gets Katie this high is that when Drew was enraged, she placed her hand right on his chest to calm him down. That is power. She and Drew are now an item.


Alli jumps real high on the rankings this week because of all the fear she has had in the previous years seem to be gone. She confessed to her parents that she had a boyfriend and even invited Dave over twice. This is a very mature step for Alli Bhandari.


Why is Fiona ranked higher than Holly J this week? It is because Fiona has been very involved during Holly J’s battle while also having to deal with Eli changing up the script of the play. Fiona is not intimidated by Eli when he is off of his medication.

9.Holly J(3)

Holly J got a lot accomplished this past week including finally convincing her birth mother to proceed in the kidney donation process.


Oh Anya we get to see more of you and your coke ingestion. This time around Anya is suddenly committed in joining the military. She has finally matured herself up a bit and it seems like she may possibly be done with Coke. Good job Anya.


Imogen made out with Eli for quite some time in his bedroom in preparation for the school play and she planted Eli’s pills into Clare’s school bag.


We saw some aggression from Jake this past week but not enough which is why he falls a spot this week.


It’s always great to see Owen but this is the week that he gets into the rankings through his interactions with his girlfriend Anya, and being of support to Drew.


Adam falls to #14 simply because he is being overshadowed by pretty much everyone.


Julian worked his way up to be ranked because of how handles Drew. He has been of great support with Owen introducing Drew to Mixed Martial Arts.

Biggest Jump~Drew

Biggest Drop~Sav

Not in Power 15

Connor, Wesley, Bianca, Chantay, Zane, Riley, Marisol, Sav, Mo, K.C.


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