Week 4

These power rankings are reflecting the second week of Now or Never episodes(1114-1117).


  • (#) – Last week’s ranking
  • (NR) – Not Ranked


You have to love the teen mom who is Jenna. She has been a loveable mom who seems to be doing all of the work with only help from her boyfriend’s mom. When it comes to decision making, she has matured a lot. She even questioned whether it’s right if they give Tyson up for adoption. Jenna is even putting the lyrics into the song that Sav and Mo are producing for the school play.


Eli moves up a couple of spots this week because he made a change to the script for his play that resulted in Clare being the hero. Clearly Eli’s medication or lack thereof is starting to really affect him when he stated to Imogen that he’ll “keep his friends close but enemies closer”.

3.Holly J(NR)

Holly J towards the very end of her senior year needs a kidney transplant and she lands at #3 on this week’s power ranking. Holly J finds out that she was adopted and seeks to find her birth mother. Dawn, Holly J’s birth mother, seemed like a good woman in the two meetings that they had. Holly J finally received word from Dawn that they are a match for a kidney transplant but a bribe of $20,000 is where the cliffhanger began.


Where do we begin with Clare? She hasn’t been doing much around Degrassi lately except worrying about Jake and even helping Imogen be like her to nail the audition for the school play.


Imogen is on a whole other planet with her unique and interesting interactions with Clare, Eli, and others. She landed the role of “Clara” in the school play but it is everything she does in between that allows her to move up a spot this week.


This past week is one of the reasons that we’ll miss the crew that started in Season 7. Sav is determined with his music abilities to show that he can develop the school play’s score and he has a major crush on Ms.Oh. There is chemistry so we’ll see where that leads.


Adam has a lot going on for him. He has a radio show, a crush on Katie, and a want to look more masculine. Adam wants to look more masculine to perhaps get a shot at Katie Matlin. That plan does not go well as Katie is not interested. Adam continues to be that great friend as his interactions with Eli, Clare, and Dave have been just the thing he needs right now in his life.


The guy that wants to develop the score is the brilliant Mo Mashkour. Too bad it’s Sav that wins the competition. You have to see Mo to love him. Mo bribes Sav so he can be a part of the score production. Mo is the kid that feels he’ll never get a date and he wants to be Sav’s wingman.


Dave moves down this past week but he is still maturing. His friendship with Adam is actually something they both need. Dave has came a long way. Dave also hints that K.C. and Marisol were too close to Jenna.


The only question I pose about K.C. is when will he step up and try to be a good boyfriend and father?


How will Clare and Jake tell their parents about their relationship? No clue but it is sure to be interesting. Jake also serves as a handyman for Eli’s school play.


Now that she is dating Dave and is being relatively a good girl, Alli also is still continuing to stand by Clare. I could be waiting until Alli messes up in someway.


Fiona is seen all around wherever Holly J and Eli is at. You have to love her presence as a friend.


Katie takes over for Holly J to run the fashion show and she turns down Adam.


Marisol is too close to K.C. and it is noted that they are most likely engaging in some touchy feely antics.

Biggest Jump~ Holly J

Biggest Drop~ Drew

Not in Power 15

Connor, Wesley, Bianca, Chantay, Zane, Riley, Drew, Anya


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