Week 3

These power rankings are reflecting the second week of Now or Never episodes(1110-1113).


  • (#) – Last week’s ranking
  • (NR) – Not Ranked


Clare is up to some crazy tricks as she is on Jake like white on rice or any color on rice for that matter. Clare is flirting and even kissing other boys. This girl is not like her self but she is very intriguing.


Drew has been top notch when we see him going through his difficulties since dealing with the gang. Drew is now self teaching himself mixed martial arts.


He is Clare’s boytoy and now things are interesting due to the fact that his dad and Clare’s mom are now dating.


Eli is busy with Imogen and handling the school play. We’ll see what happens with him soon.


When Dave plays it cool, he is one of the best at Degrassi. Dave was dumped by Sadie but rekindled his chemistry with Alli and those two will be an item.


Imogen is always hanging around Eli and that alone makes her interesting at the moment.


Adam is really good not only with Drew but also with some of the other characters not named Clare or Eli. Adam is supportive of his brother but is not when his brother gets a bit too selfish or in this case just afraid of the future.


Anya has turned to cocaine and it has completely changed her own persona just months before her graduation. Her actions have cost her an opportunity at university. She also loves dancing with  Pauly.


Katie is tormenting Clare in subtle ways but she may be doing it unwillingly.


A teen father who decided that he wants to be close to another girl(Marisol) in recent weeks. Only time will tell as Dave has caught eye of the chemistry between K.C. and Marisol.


A somewhat random case of bedbugs opens up the door eventually for Charlie & Fiona to not make it through the week.


Marisol drops because she is too busy hanging out with K.C. or interfering in others’ affairs.


Whenever Alli is around Clare and now Dave, she becomes the good Alli we like to see.


Jenna is still doing her best as a teen parent while her bf is busy keeping another woman occupied.


Connor has officially been suspended because Wes, Alli, and Hannah all found out that Connor was in the girl’s locker room.

Biggest Jump~ Jake

Biggest Drop~ Riley

Not in Power 15

Holly J, Sav, Wesley, Bianca, Chantay, Zane, Riley


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