Week 2

These power rankings are reflecting the second week of Now or Never episodes(1106-1109).


  • (#) – Last week’s ranking
  • (NR) – Not Ranked


Eli flip flops back to the number one spot due to his cleverness. Eli off his meds is sure to bring him much drama and growth throughout the weeks.


The official debut of Imogen came strong but in a weird way. I would never predict that Imogen would get rated this high but she does not only because of her personality but because she is currently involved with one of the more dramatic characters that this school has seen. Her keen eye(stalker) for details should be quite the story in the near future.


Adam jumps six spots because his personal storylines turn to gold. His involvement and strength dealing with Dave last week gained him even more support, plus his radio vj skills are pretty good. Adam is also the best friend of Eli Goldsworthy which is good that he stuck around despite the Clare drama.


Katie also made her plot debut last week and she did not disappoint. She is a bit of a character as she showed with not only her bff Marisol, but with the innocent Clare Edwards. Katie also is head of the school newspaper club.


Clare drops to number five entering week 3 of Now or Never. She is finally realizing that she has to deal with the breakup in a way that helps. This way is joining the school paper which is a struggle because of Katie. You could see the emotion in Clare as she stood silently most of the time when Eli spoke to her.


I’m assuming that this is as high as Riley will get (in this power rankings ofcourse). Riley makes a huge jump because towards the end of his senior year, he decides to step up and be a man for once. Yet, he decides to cut things off with Zane which hopefully does not last long.


One of the better characters around, Fiona dealt with Charlie, and then having to take a Junior drama class. She has good chemistry with Eli despite them not getting nowhere near personal. Fiona will be repeating her Senior year which should promise more memorable moments.


Everyone and their friends were hating on Dave after he blasted Adam for using the boy’s bathroom. He gets this spot because despite the setback, he is growing up. He and Adam have since patched things up over a period of a day. Even though he gets hate, Dave is not the annoying kid he was last season.


Daddy Guthrie is in a bind. His intentions are sometimes hard to understand as one second he wants a job and then he changes his mind. Now that K.C. has moved from being a dishwasher to a busboy(thanks to Marisol), he and Marisol are developing quite the chemistry/


Jenna drops because she had to play mom with little relevance in the K.C. storyline last week. She stays in the top ten because overall she is a much better character this season than she has ever been.


Marisol takes the cake at this position simply because when given camera time, she’s got some flare to her. It does not matter if it’s her interaction with Katie or K.C. she has got a lot to offer.


Jake was not relevant much, but who is to say that he will not be relevant this week?


Drew’s troubled season is strong enough to keep him ranked despite being innactive last week.


Zane is only here because of his situation with Riley last week. We are still waiting for him to get a big plot


If you see Alli with Clare at any point during an episode then that makes Alli a good character. Alli being a true sidekick is what suits her best at this stage in her young life. No change for Alli here as her interaction with Clare Edwards keeps her in the rankings.

Biggest Jump~ Riley + Marisol

Biggest Drop~ Drew

Not in Power 15

Holly J, Sav, Wesley, Connor, Bianca, Chantay, Owen, Anya


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