Week 1

These power rankings are reflecting the first week of  Now or Never episodes(excluding 1101-1102 ).


  • (#)- Last week’s ranking
  • (NR)- Not Ranked


Clare Edwards has entered the building. She now realizes that there is life after Eli. After being borderline obsessive due to Eli’s lack of obsession with her, Clare allowed her emotions to get the best of her last week. She directed an emotional rant towards Eli and also made out with Jake.


Eli drops a spot but is still part of the most interesting storyline coming into the season. We find out that Eli is on anti-depressant meds and it limits him from having feelings. Eli was impressive with the way he handled. It was amusing to see Eli, Jake, and Adam all conversing while Clare looked on in shock.


If there is any intense drama so far, it has involved this character. Drew has gotten into some trouble via his now ex girlfriend. At the end of Idioteque we see Drew getting beat up by a bunch of thugs. These thugs happen to be out for revenge against Drew.


Jenna is improving very much. She does not attend Degrassi anymore as she is a stay-at-home mom for the time being. She has done a great job and has shown maturity in taking care of Tyson. Jenna has been picking up the slack left by K.C. himself. She has agreed to move in with the Guthrie family.


It was the introduction of Jake and how he will not be too far behind whenever we see Clare. Jake has thrusted himself into a messy breakup that is sure to spice thing up this season. He’s a country boy at heart who has shown that he can eat quite a lot. We’ll see what this week has in store for Jake.


Bianca moves up because of the sheer drama she has brought onto Drew. Bianca killed a man, but to save Drew from getting killed. The trouble brought onto Drew forced him to take a break and split from Bianca. We are promised more drama in the near future.


Anya sure has gotten interesting this season, more so than Holly J and Fiona thus far. Last season, Anya fell for a doctor and never gave Owen the time of day. Last week she realized she couldn’t follow her love dreams as well as her educational dreams. What happens when you can’t have Dr.Chris and get denied from Toronto U? The answer is hooking up with Owen on Fiona’s bed.


K.C. is up one spot because he is trying to be a great father but just is not consistent. Some of his decisions are questionable such as ditching Jenna to hangout with friends, or finding any other way just to leave the house. One decision that saves him this week is the fact that he wanted Jenna to move in. Either way you can argue that all of K.C.’s decisions have been somewhat selfish.


Adam falls a few spots but the future shows that he is expected to be a big component for week 2. His character presence around the Eli+Clare drama keeps him in the top ten.


Owen jumps into the rankings after finally achieving the unthinkable; hooking up with Anya. We do not know how Owen acts outside of Anya but from the looks of it he has improved.


We have yet to meet Imogen but her presence is going to stir things up once week 2 starts. Watch out Eli.


Katie makes her first appearance in week 2’s Cry Me A River and she is expected to hold down her fort.


I never thought Connor would be in this but every season he seems to get one storyline that will allow people to like him. Connor is showing us why is Asperger Syndrome needs more coverage. He was staring at Hannah’s breast and then started collecting female underwear. Neither of these are considered social norms but this is apart of what makes Connor different.


Wesley and Connor’s interactions were good as the tenth graders who just want a chance. Wesley doesn’t want his chances with Hannah ruined so he is determined to help find Connor a girlfriend. Let’s just hope she does not go by the name of LoveQueen16.


Did you see how much Alli was into Jake when she first saw him? Shows you that Alli still needs to be watched. She is back to being Clare’s sidekick for now and hopefully permanently as they have both went through something traumatic involving a guy.


Biggest Jump~ Anya

Biggest Fall~ Fiona

Not in Power 15

Holly J, Sav, Riley, Zane, Dave, Fiona, Chantay, Marisol


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