Preliminary Rankings

Welcome to the first batch of power rankings, a weekly feature for the Now or Never episodes. I have not yet decided on a format for the fall and winter episodes. Power Rankings can and will fluxuate on a week to week basis. There are currently twenty-three students within the main cast for season 11. There is also one known faculty member getting a plot or two so I would not be surprised if Ms.Oh makes a short lived appearance in the power rankings. I am starting the power rankings from episode 1103 as that officially kicks off the new season. Expect the power rankings reflecting the episodes 1103-1105 to be released by next Monday 7/25 at the latest. This pre-season 11 ranking is reflected by not only the events of how season 10 ended, but also the potential of the new characters.


One of the breakout characters from S10. His storylines with Clare(including the season finale) were among the tops of the season. Now with them split up, drama is sure to happen.


Clare’s relationship and drama with Eli places her at #2 in the rankings. She also is dealing with her parents’ pending divorce.


A character who grew much throughout last season because of her personal storylines.


Many have feared the thought of Imogen possibly coming in between the reconnection of the greatest relationships in Degrassi history.


What is feared about Imogen is also feared about Jake. He is a junior that will be a big part of the Clare/Eli drama.


The sophomore student dealt heavily with his status as being transgendered, which affected a relationship he was strongly pursuing with Fiona.


The cocky athlete was partly involved in his brother’s transgender storylines, and even experimented with shrooms.


Newcomer Katie is an athlete who is projected to have interests with Adam.


Everybody wants to see how K.C. handles being a dad.


K.C. alone gets Jenna in this spot as she can continue her improvement from the end of last season. Will Jenna have to pick up the slack if K.C. doesn’t show up?

11.Holly J

Ms.Sinclair showing signs of season 7 Holly J as well as her relationships with Declan and Sav gets her a spot at 11. How will she end her senior year?


As long as Bianca continues to date Drew and be associated with the likes of K.C. and Dave, she will have a breakout remainder of the semester


Out of the three tenners, Dave still has the most potential for deep storylines.


Alli has lost a ton of credibility for being obsessed with guys and popularity Despite not being very much involved with Clare last season, she dd just one thing to make some fans of EClare to dislike her.


What will Sav do to make it back on top? Since last season he has lost his band-mates, Anya, and more recently Holly J.