Mid-Season-In Too Deep

All grades will be up before S11. These grades are separate from the Boiling Point character grades, not an average of the two. The grades given for the end of the season depicts the episodes after The Boiling Point. Grades from TBP depicted not only what we saw from those episodes but also their potential for the rest of the season. The grades now will not factor in “potential” but you can expect to see that from my Pre-Rankings for S11. I included Ms.Oh in TBP grades but she will not be included in this one, neither will Jess nor Sadie due to their lack of both T.V time and previous exposure.  Click here for TBP character grades

Adam-(B+) It was Adam’s interaction with Fiona that gave Adam new life since TBP. Adam went from being bullied to being inserted in not one but two love triangles. He showed a lot of growth by defending himself against Fiona in Chasing Pavements.

Alli-(C) Poor Alli makes everything about her but she turned out to be a good friend, or bad depending on who you asked, when she gave advice to Clare regarding Eli.

Anya-(C+)Anya has had this great personality throughout the season and continue to show that during her interactions with Dr.Chris, Holly J, and Chantay.

Bianca-(C-) Still one of my favs, Bianca’s plots with Drew were not strong but she does seem to strike some fear into Drew. The most action that she had was her fight with Alli.

Chantay-(D) We saw a decent amount of Chantay but she proves that she fits better as a side character who enters into business not of their own

Clare-(A) A major player in post TBP era. We’ve seen her troubles with Eli right before our eyes which showed a completely different Clare than we are used to seeing.

Connor-(F) He had no storyline or much input in these episodes

Dave-(C-) Dave was still trying to find himself during the mid season. He went from trying to fit in with the older kids to finding a love interest in newcomer Sadie. Throughout the episodes, we saw Dave being a bad friend, a supportive friend, and a comical character. He seems to be getting his mojo back.

Declan-(F) Only appeared in one plot since TBP. Declan has become an after thought in the last half of the season.

Drew-(C+) Drew has been one of the more consistent characters especially since TBP. He is consistently immature and sometimes a waste of hype. With that being said, he has defended both himself and Bianca but has made silly mistakes.

Eli-(A) Hoarding, EClare, and  Morty all have one thing in common. That is that they’re all no longer around at least for now. Eli is one of the few characters that helped carry this season.

Fiona-(A-) Fiona has been in multiple episodes since TBP. Once again we’ve seen her grow in different ways throughout these episodes especially with her interactions with Adam, Holly J, and also some drinking issues.

Fitz-(D+) Only a focus in one storyline since TBP. His presence allowed both Eli and Clare to give us great performances but Fitz himself was not a factor in anything. His presence had fan girls chanting for Fitz/Clare action.

Holly J-(B-) Holly J’s with Sav, hooks up with Declan, goes through a close friend angle with Fiona, and dumps Sav. Goes to show that she is still a a character that can be build upon on.

Jenna-(C-) Jenna was annoying as a character for most of this past season. Her last few appearances were not the same typical annoying character but she has shown improvement.

K.C-(C+) K.C was not annoying to watch unlike his girlfriend. He did have some maturity issues early on. He has been involved in Drew’s plots as well as his own with Jenna. K.C matured up a bit by the end of the season.

Owen-(F) Another one plot character since TBP and it was not the the homophobic version of him. We saw Owen trying to get with Anya in some weird way.

Riley-(D+) Only one storyline since TBP and nothing spectactular. He did come out to his mother so he has been dealing with his sexuality quite well. Next it is time to tell his father.

Sav-(C) Sav sometimes gets lost in the shuffle but he better starting in “The Way We Get By”.

Wesley-(C-) He is awkward as well as funny. He was one of the bright spots during his date with Anya.

Zane-(D) Another one storyline character since TBP. Zane is a great character but did not have much influence in the last half of the season.


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