S10 Character Grades

Note**- These are character grades from the Boiling Point of Season 10. To view final grades for second half of season 10( Mid-Season on) please click here.

 Adam-(A+) He is fun natured, nice, and supportive, showed that he wasn’t going to backdown once the school found out he was transgendered

Alli-(C) Hasnt been the Alli I liked in the past, she did not grow as a character in the first half. Too obsessive with the typical high school social stigmas

Anya-(B) Seems like Anya was going to be left out in the dust but had the storyline about her mom’s cancer that really pushed the awareness, acting, and grade of this character

Bianca-(A) She is a verbal bully yet physically has the beauty, apart of bully and rebellious storylines

Chantay-(C-) Never gets storylines but a goal oriented character who have had some good one liner moments in the first half

Clare-(A) Has improved a lot and showed that she has an aura about her that helps people. She has had good storylines. She even got a bit to into Eli but now she is back to normal

Connor-(C+) Connor and his friends will improve in future. Connor finally got a plot and it was good to the point where I wouldnt mind seeing Lovequeen16 again

Dave-(C) Dave’s mentality and goals this season are different from last season. He is good when being supportive to friends and as a guy not so caught up in getting girls

Declan-(D-) Declan Has rarely been seen and when he has, he just was not exciting. Newer characters have taken over. Hope to see improvement in second half

Drew-(B) Everyone hated Drew when he was blackmailing Riley but he not a bad guy. He is caring for his step-brother, his girlfriend and befriends Wesley. Potential for him in future

Eli-(A) New kid on the block has more than just a mysterious persona, storylines showed a personality that has garnered him more fans than anyone

Fiona-(B+) Great emotional storylines, we saw Fiona gain life in her character

Fitz-(A) Great Bully and theres more to him than just being a bully. His actions helped lead to Degrassi culture changing in the second half

Holly J-(B-) We seen Holly J hit a low in the first half with Declan issues, and being desperate but she has been a good friend, and leader up until AFD2. Has great chemistry with Sav

Jenna-(C-) Didnt really get the Jenna expected until her pregnancy. Shows potential for next half season

KC-(C-) His character didnt grow. He is in same boat as Jenna and Alli, there is potential for the next half with pregancy storyline aftermath

Leia- (F) Her character was 100% pointless and a waste this summer

Ms. Oh- (A-) A teacher who makes me atleast want to see more storylines tackled either around or with her. She is respected and passionate about her job

Owen-(B-) Is really good at making fun of people. A typical jock who we don’t know much about but has been another good bully type persona

Riley-(B) Riley wouldnt have gotten this but he stepped up tremendously with his approach to his homosexuality

Sav-(B-) Sav couldnt step up with Anya but did in many other ways this first half of the season

Wesley-B+) A character who everyone adores. His quirky character/ storylines made it clear that you can’t dislike this kid

Zane-(A-) Really consistent character who led by example in the first half


9 thoughts on “S10 Character Grades

  1. So are the grades going to be put up soon and I really wanna know your thoughts about the boiling point overall?

    • Yes in some respect. Clearing out some housework, yardwork, family plans, ect but in between im working on everything. You will see All Falls Down pt 2 review today for sure and I will try to get up some character/episode grades. You will def see most of everything before the weekend is over including my thoughts on the Boiling Point as a whole.

  2. I like Fitz also. I would not mind if it turned up in the Fall to have some Flare action going on. He sincerely likes her and that might be why she went all bad girl in the promo.

  3. Lol I love eli and clare they are my favorites and I wish I could meets them. I live in indiana and think its sucks because nobody ever visits insiana and they always go to florida and california.ugh! And I can’t believe eli has an A ! Wow!

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