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Luke Bilyk + Melinda Shankar Ology Interview/Love, Like, Hate

Luke Bilyk and Melinda Shankar, once known onscreen to Degrassi fans as “Dralli”, sat down with Ology’s Terron Moore for an entertaining interview discussing all things Degrassi. If there were any characters that I felt would work right with Alli, they were Drew or Dave. Enough of me talking about who I ship, check out Terron’s gabfest with two of your favorite Degrassi stars.

Degrassi Alum Gets Comic Book/Love, Like, Hate Series

Degrassi fans may know him as Jimmy Brooks, the star basketball athlete who subsequently landed in a wheelchair due to a gunshot, but many others follow him as Drake the music artist. Whether you are just a fan of him on a t.v. series or if you just enjoy his music, both types of fans can finally get their hands on something that they can both like. Releasing in January 2012 is Aubrey “Drake” Graham’s biographical comic book titled FAME, a book that will touch on his days growing up and his success now. His story will be written by Marc Shapiro with art by Mike J.C. Here is a quick synopsis of what’s to be included.

“A comic book biography of pop star Drake will be available in stores starting January 2012. FAME: Drake will trace the life of Aubrey Graham from his start in TV’s Degrassi: The Next Generation to his fateful decision to go by his middle name, Drake, and subsequently receive mega stardom as a musician.”

High Quality NTR Promo/Degrassi Media/Love, Like, Hate

Check out the Degrassi cast showing their spirit for Spirit Day

Check out interview from last week with Stefan Brogren

The Nowhere to Run sneak peek just 3 days before it arrives to Canada!

Alicia Josipovic gets signed to a record deal

Starting Monday at 10:30pm est, you can vote in the greatest award show period. Degrassi Nation Awards

Love it, Like it, or Hate it/Tristan

Do not forget to check out and vote in the first installment involving Eli Goldsworthy. Also go check out my second installment involving the teen parents of Degrassi. Another thing that happened this summer was the wedding announcement that Clare’s mom made at the dinner table. How did it make you feel to know that one of your favorite couples were being threatened by a possible marriage?


Wouldn't things be simpler if this guy came back? Probably not

Check out this interview with Lyle O’Donohoe who plays the character Tristan. Find out more about his character and sibling here.

Love it, Like it, or Hate it

Now or Never is officially complete. There has been a ton that has happened with many of the characters so far this summer and now it’s time to find out how you feel about it all. Do not forget to check out and vote in the first installment involving Eli Goldsworthy. During this summer event, something happened involving teen parents. Jenna and K.C. gave up Ty for adoption. I think you know where I’m going with this.