Chaz Bono To Be a Guest Star/Much’s Character Descriptions

Chaz will be starring as a guest celebrity judge in a season 12 episode of Degrassi which is slated to air this fall. Chaz will be judging a battle of the bands competition and will serve somewhat as a role model to Adam.

BECKY BAKER (16), Grade 11
Becky is bright, bubbly and enthusiastic. Raised a conservative Christian, Becky always puts family first. She loves musical theatre, and singing in the church choir. She knows not everyone will agree with her traditional values, but that doesn’t mean she’s afraid to stand up for her beliefs.

LUKE BAKER (16), Grade 11
The Tim Tebow of Jr. Hockey, Luke Baker is everything a good Floridian should be: athletic, handsome, and above all, a devout Christian. But Luke’s teenage urges often get the better of him, despite his attempts to remain pure to his Christian faith. Being a hockey player, Luke has a constant abundance of female adoration, which usually makes him the guy who’ll kiss first and pray for forgiveness later.

MIKE “DALLAS” DALLAS (18), Grade 12
Hockey team captain, Dallas expects to enjoy everything elite players revel in — puck bunnies, keggers, alpha male status. Dallas is a fun-loving guy who’s never had to deal with real consequences for any of his actions. Dallas plays big brother to everyone on his team, teasing and mocking the boys in the locker room, but over-protective in public, lashing out at anyone who crosses him or his team.

Like his Junior Hockey teammates, Campbell is handsome and athletic. Unlike his teammates, Cam is gentle, shy, and sweet. But whatever confidence he lacks in social settings, he more than makes up for on the ice with his dominating skill.

How do you guys feel about the Baker twins?



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