Degrassi In The Media

Good  afternoon(depending on your location) Degrassi fans! Tonight is the night that those fortunate from the United States of America like myself, will catch part 1 of the mid-season premiere at 9pm est. Now those really fortunate have alreadyviewed part 1 the episode at the various Degrassi premieres.

Here’s a reminder of what is to see tonight:

It’s a new year at Degrassi, and Fiona’s ready for a fresh start. When an exclusive party at her loft leads to a late-night senior prank, who will take the blame? Now that Clare and Jake are living together, their relationship is hotter than ever. Clare tests Jake to determine if they’re “emotionally ready” for sex. Meanwhile, a new crop of niners get their first taste of Degrassi drama! Katie’s little sister, Maya, meets a cute boy on the first day of school, but Tori and Tristan warn her that Zig is bad news.

Today’s Degrassi in the Media includes Munro Chambers, Annie Clark, and Alex Steele

Munro on Eli in 11.5

Annie on Fiona’s New Beginnings

Alex Steele on Tori

What will you be doing to celebrate the premiere of Degrassi?

*Reply below, and only I can see the results. Most interesting response may appear in my next blog post.



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