Degrassi Airdate/New Freshman Descriptions

The rest of season 11 will premiere on February 20th and will follow with a new episode every Friday at 9pm est on Teennick. Teennick will also be holding casting view parties starting on February 13th in major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Minneapolis. Starting tomorrow, you guys will be able to vote for a fifth location via Facebook and Twitter so stay tuned.

We also have some more detailed character descriptions for the incoming freshman:

Tori (Steele): While Tori may be spoiled thanks to her parents indulging her every whim (dance lessons, modeling, beauty pageants, you name it),  she’s definitely not a brat. Her positive attitude and bright smile are infectious and she enters Degrassi believing she’s the best at everything. Unfortunately, Tori is a bit sheltered and realizes she’s a bit unhip compared to the students. Like former niner Alli (Melinda Shankar), Tori is ready to rule Degrassi. 

Zig (Ricardo Hoyos): Handsome, charming and aloof, Zig is the freshman class’ very own bad boy who is full of swagger. He flirts with girls, pulls pranks, gets detention and basically treats Degrassi High like his playground because his homelife is anything but fun.

Maya (Olivia Scriven): Katie (Chloe Rose) has a younger sister, y’all! Maya, who has been living in Katie’s accomplished shadow her entire life, is ready to carve out an identity of her own when she comes to Degrassi. While Katie is in to karate and journalism, Maya loves music and, like so many students before her, she decides to start her own rock band. Unafraid to speak her mind and not interested in gaining popularity, this freshman often finds herself in detention.

Tristan (Lyle O’ Donohoe): Guess what? Owen (Daniel Kelly) has a younger brother! Tristan is out and proud and has his eyes set on running the school. Seriously, he wants it all: school musicals, dance committees and top of the Power Squad pyramid. Fiercely loyal, Tristan is a good friend to have. 

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