Nowhere To Run Recap & Review

It’s been a long few months without a new Degrassi, so we got this Halloween-esque hour to tide us over until the new season hits in 2012. But unlike normal episodes, this one didn’t really break out into clean story arcs as all of our characters were embroiled in the same horror plot.

But we did have couple drama, so I’ll take my normal story/verdict approach. But be sure to give your feedback as to how this unusual, yet fairly cliché, special worked for you.

The main events of the hour take place at Jake’s family cabin. The cabin is, of course, located out in the desolate woods. It also has a back story of a double-murder/suicide of the previous owner. The murder happened when a man (David Pratt) found his wife (Joyce Pratt) in bed with her lover and killed them both with a fire poker, then somehow killed himself. I know the first thing I look for in a creepy wooded cabin is a murderous legacy. Jake convinces everyone that a killer/ghost still stalks the cabin.

Jake/Claire/Alli: Before we get to the cabin, we have the wedding of Helen and Glen Martin, making Jake and Claire officially related. Claire still has feelings for Jake, but insists to him and Alli that’s she moved on. Right after that we see that Jake was carrying a box of roses, presumably for Claire…

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by Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor,


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