Submit Ideas for Season 12 of Degrassi

We are back at it again folks. Despite the fact that we haven’t seen the rest of season 11, which prevents us from seeing the rest of the character development and story lines for the remainder of the season, Stephen Stohn is asking for your participation. You can tweet Stephen anything that you’d like to see happen down the hallways of Degrassi. There is so much that Degrassi either hasn’t covered yet or hasn’t covered enough.

Here are just a few basic things that I would like to see next season:

  • Less focus on relationships and more focus on building friendships. It seems as if everyone is boy or girl crazy. Relationships are taken for granted at Degrassi.
  • Life at home. By this I mean that I do not only want to see the life of Clare and Alli at their respective households. We need to see the life of these students away from Degrassi to get an idea of who they have came to be.
  • As much as I liked how much Drew has turned around since the beginning of season 10, characters shouldn’t change that fast over course of one school year, and this has happened with more than just Mr.Torres. I’d like to see progression over seasons.
  • I want to see the introduction of a really shy character who has to go through a couple of years before they even make a friend. I’m sure there is a shy audience out there.

I can discuss ideas all day regarding what I’d like to see next season. I haven’t even touched on character specifics. Here is what one lovely fan suggested. Go follow her by the way.

What do you guys want to see next season?


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4 thoughts on “Submit Ideas for Season 12 of Degrassi

  1. I like to see more interactions with the students home life Bianca, Imogen, Owen and Katies. I would like to see more of Eli’s mom.

    I don’t want an actual suicide but someone who is contemplating or close to overdosing.

    A serious car accident that involves texting or drunk driving.

    Herion addiction student, parent or teacher.

  2. I would like to see some of the above mentioned storylines. However, we could see some of them things play out during the second half of season 11. I would love to see more of a focus on Imogen, Katie and Marisol.

  3. I would like to see more black lesbians and more interracial couples would be nice , more butch lesbians & transgender love & i like the homophobic church girl it adds a twist to the show which is cool , i’m a lesbian myself & i ENJOY degrassi , the actors , the drama , ALL of it . ! adam should find love too ! omg ! , but there should also be a University Of Degrassi , so we could keep up with the seniors when they graduate

  4. I would like to see more personalities on the show. especially a teenager who is deaf wearing a cochlear implant. Like I am. and I like to relate to charcters and I think I would like to see a charcter go through my own struggles. don’t remember a time when the shows had one. it would be different and lessons learning and show the challenges she faces. if this were to happen I think an actuall deaf character with an implant should play the role.

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