Munro Interview/Love,Like, or Hate

Ology is in full effect as Terron Moore visited the set of Degrassi. As a result of this, he will be releasing numerous sit down interviews featuring some of the cast. The only information that we know of so far from the rest of season 11 is through his Degrassi coverage. If you haven’t yet checked out his lengthy article detailing his visit, click here. Right now as I write this, I will be checking out the Terron’s recently released interview with Munro Chambers. 

Munro Interview

Earlier this week, Nowhere To Run debuted to Canadians everywhere. Since then I can assure that 90% of fans either have seen or are aware of what happens in this particular episode. I am one of the 10% who have not yet seen it, but I will be able to take a look at it this weekend. For those who have watched, the next love, like, or hate it poll is for you.


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One thought on “Munro Interview/Love,Like, or Hate

  1. I was kinda indecisive because nowhere to run + the promos make it seem like it’s a horror but hopefully it’s not

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