Global Expansion / Degrassi NTR Plot

EchoBridge Entertainment now has a broadcasting agreement with MTV international that will allow seasons 8 and 9 of Degrassi to be shown in various countries such as  Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Scandinavia, the U.K., Brazil, Germany, Benelux, Australia and New Zealand. Degrassi will begin to air October 23rd on MTV networks within the territories aforementioned. This is great in terms of expanding Degrassi to other outlets. Let’s just hope that teens around the world will be able to eventually see earlier seasons of the show on t.v.

Degrassi “Nowhere To Run” will be seen by Canadian viewers first on October 24th. It will be a one-hour special that will include new relationships, a love triangle, and supposedly a betrayal that none of us will have seen coming.

The plot from Much Music states:

“In this special one-hour thriller, Jake believes his feelings for Clare are unrequited and escapes to his cottage with friends hoping one last summer bash will help him move on. When Clare crashes the party, she is horrified by what she finds. Meanwhile, Katie returns from camp to find that Bianca spent the summer getting close to Drew’s family. Katie’s jealousy overcomes her and her schemes backfire.”

The important question to ask,  is who will hook up?


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