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A sad face.

Mr.Sad Face heard that many of you were crying.

Just a few things to catch up on this week involving Degrassi including interviews and more. First of all, last night’s episode was done well and is the episode of the year in my opinion. The acting was amazing and the sendoff we got for Sav literally made me not want to see him go. I want to congratulate the cast and crew for everything they’ve done so far this season.

Charlotte Arnold Interview

Best Children’s or Youth Fiction Program or Series: Degrassi

Jordan Todosey Interview

Now that it’s over, what are your plans?




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One thought on “Degrassi Media

  1. I do agree that the final two episodes, and Sav’s farewell in particular, were especially well done. Sav went from being one of the most boring and one-dimensional characters in Degrassi history into being one of the best developed. He really shined in season ten and the Miss Oh storyline was kind of a perfect conclusion to his story. The scene where Holly J, Shante and Anya made their handprints was very nice and a good way to put over the impact their characters made.

    I also feel that the Holly J is in the top 2-3 female leads in Degrassi history. I’ve always felt her character was way more realistic than Mia or Paige.

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