Don’t Panic (Part One and Two) Recap & Review

I’ll be the first to admit we’ve seen quite a bit of retread this season.  From stoned college interviews to inappropriate student-teacher relationships, there really does seem to be some dipping in the Degrassi well going on.  But for these episodes, regardless of how familiar the stories may have felt, I really enjoyed both parts.

We had student elections, eating disorders, rumors rampant, mixed CDs, sweat lodges, and more.  But we also had three strong arcs that felt in place and step with the characters that were  experiencing them.  And can I just say… I can’t stand Marisol.

Story#1: Katie, the classic overachiever, is now running for class president.  Her best friend Marisol is staunchly in her corner, but is also asking her to put in a good word with Drew.  Drew, of course, has no interest in Marisol and wants to date Katie. Katie hems and haws over telling her, but Marisol figures it out for herself.  She spitefully enters the race for president and tells Katie the only way to repair the friendship is for her to end things with Drew.  During the debate things get heated when Katie blurts out that Marisol was a home-wrecker with KC and Jenna (which Jenna willingly confirms), Marisol retaliates by telling Drew that Katie is bulimic. When word spreads around school, Katie confesses to Drew that she is battling the disease, although she hasn’t purged in months.  She almost relapses and when Marisol finds her crying in the bathroom, she tells everyone she made it up and withdraws from the election.  Katie wins, and in an act of forgiveness makes Marisol her vice-president.  Drew isn’t so forgiving and tells Katie that when Marisol is around, he won’t be.

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by Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor,


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