Mr.Brightside(Part One and Two) Recap & Review


Fighting, kidneys, and parents… oh my! And that’s about all the enthusiasm I can muster for this week’s first two-parter.

Maybe it’s Drew-burnout. Maybe I’m still suffering from this past spring’s Alli-overload. Whatever it was, I just didn’t feel these episodes as passionately as I’ve felt some others this season. What did you think?

Story#1: Drew is vigorously sparring with Julian in the wrestling room MMA-fight club. He’s gotten really good and is able to take down Julian (his mentor) and later Mo (a husky wrestler). It seems to be a great outlet for his emotions, but when Katie does a write-up in the school paper on the illicit club, Principal Simpson finds an easy way to shut it down (locking them out of the wrestling room). Katie thinks Drew should channel himself into writing for the school paper, but Drew bails to go to a real underground fight club. He gets his butt whooped with a triangle hold. Afraid of losing his aggressive outlet, he returns and proceeds to decimate his opponent, to the point where he has to be pulled off of him and calmed down by Katie. Katie suggests he find a more disciplined style of fighting, and introduces him to tae-kwon-do. He goes in for a kiss, and she flips him to the ground.

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