Alexa Steele Returns To Degrassi

Alexa Steele, who is best known for playing Angela Jeremiah in seasons 1-5 of Degrassi TNG is returning to Degrassi in the second half of season 11. She is returning as you guessed it, Tori. So Angela Jeremiah is gone and Tori is in. To many older Degrassi fans, this may come as a disappointment because the bridge connecting the cast we grew up with to the cast of today is now burned down. Tori should be an interesting character as she is described as the type that would have been on the t.v show, Toddler & Tiaras. Alexa is the younger sister of Cassie Steele.

Alexa Steele returns to Degrassi as Tori

So now is time for the big question. Would you have rather seen Alexa back as Angela Jeremiah or is Tori a better idea?

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