Week 5 Episode Descriptions

Mon, 8/15 9p-9:30p et

“Mr. Brightside, pt. 1”

Drew’s ultimate fighting training is the only thing keeping him together — and it’s barely doing that. If he loses that… what else will he lose?

Tues, 8/16 9p-9:30p et

“Mr. Brightside, pt. 2”

Alli’s tired of sneaking around. And if anyone deserves her parents’ blessing, it’s Dave. Can she finally break down the Bhandari barrier?

Wed, 8/17 9p-9:30p et

“Extraordinary Machine, pt. 1”

Eli’s behaving erratically and somehow seems to think he’s going to win Clare back. Is he off his meds? Oh wait… he is.

Thurs, 8/18 9p-9:30p et

“Extraordinary Machine, pt. 2”

As Eli stretches the limits of sanity in a bid to get Clare back, someone else is just as willing to push the limits for Eli… Imogen.


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