Degrassi Society Promotional Giveaway

Hello Everyone,

It’s finally here. I have teased the idea of a giveaway for about a week now and this is the right time to let you guys know about this promotion.  This giveaway involves a little bit of effort on your behalf and it could earn you a valuable prize.

Degrassi Society has teamed up with the kings of custom posters to give you total control.

Read All Directions and Info First!!!!

You must comment first in order to be eligible for this giveaway!

What  Do You Win?

Two lucky winners will win a free custom(you decide who or what is on it) laminated poster.

How To Enter

Leave a comment below stating which character you’d put on a custom poster from now 7/28/11 until 4:00 ET on 8/03/11 (one comment only).

How To Gain A Second Entry

Twitter users can gain another entry to increase their chances by tweeting(or copy and paste) the following phrase below,

I entered @hersch24’s Degrassi Giveaway. #PosterBrain

Tumblr users can gain another entry by reblogging(not liking) the official giveaway link that I will post on Tumblr.


  • I must stress ONE comment per person (multiple comments do not get you multiple entries, just deleted)
  • Must use a legitimate email address(to be notified that you’ve won)
  • USA and Canada residents only
  • Please insert twitter username or tumblr address where it asks for name in the comments section(to make sure your entries get counted)
  • No P.O. Box addresses
  • Winners will get Priority, 3-4 day shipping free of charge
  • You must comment first on this post to receive any entry, then you can use Twitter and or Tumblr to receive extra entries.(Maximum # of entries you could get are three)


Comment on post(mandatory)= 1 entry

Tweeting phrase mentioned above= +1 entry

Reblogging Giveaway Post= +1 entry

Winners will be selected via unbiased random generator and notified via email. If either of the winners do not respond to me within 48 hours of being notified,  that person(s) will lose out and there will be  a re-drawing.

Winners will be notified on Wednesday 08/03/11 via email

Head to the site where Poster Printing is the focus to test out the poster you would create if you win.


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43 thoughts on “Degrassi Society Promotional Giveaway

  1. I’d have Aislinn Paul and Munro Chambers because they are amazing actors and they portray their characters very well. 🙂

  2. Ever since Eli ran over Clare’s glasses and said she had nice eyes, I knew I would like his character. I pick Eli Goldsworthy (Munro Chambers) to be on a poster if I win.

  3. Adam and Fiona 😀 Why? Because I love them both and I can relate to both of them out of everyone else.

  4. I’d love to ave Adam, Clare, and Eli because the actors portrey them so well and i admire their loyal friendship.

  5. Clare, because as a character she has had the most growth over the seasons, also, she is going through such a difficult time with Eli and her parents’ divorce. It’s inspiring that she is able to go through this reletively unscathed.

  6. Hiya, i already tweeted you. But I would like to have a Eli Goldsworthy poster, because I relate to him the most, and he is one of my favourite chatacters on Degrassi.

  7. I would like to have Clare Edwards(Aislinn Paul), Eli Goldsworthy(Munro Chambers), and Adam Torres(Jordan Todosey) on my poster. I like their friendships with each other and they are my three favorite characters on the show! and Hey, who wouldn’t want 3 of the most gorgeous people on their wall?

  8. Clare Edward (Aislinn Paul) is who I’d want on my poster, because me and her are actually twins. We look really similar 🙂

  9. I would put Luke Bilyk and Munro Chambers on a poster because they are both amazing actors, and I have adored them both since they first started acting on Degrassi (:

  10. I’d put EClare on the poster because in all of my years watching Degrassi, they seem to have had the strongest relationship. Eli and Clare’s love will always be alive in my heart.

  11. I would love a poster of Clare Edwards throughout the years. She is one of the most relatable characters and a good role model. She isn’t perfect but that’s what makes her human.

  12. Eli Goldsworthy(Munro Chambers) because hes different from all the other characters and also very mysterious!

  13. I would want a Clare and Eli and Fiona poster. Clare is just so down to earth and even though she gets mixed up sometimes, I think a lot of people can relate to her. Eli is just portrayed incredibly by Munro Chambers. I find it hard to believe that Munro, who is so laid back and hilarious, is the same person who portrays Eli who is so dark and mysterious. Fiona Coyne has personally become a favorite since Season 10. She goes through so much and proves that she isn’t perfect but it’s okay to have flaws. I love her storylines and I look forward to where she is heading.

  14. I’d would Munro Chambers(Eli) and Aislinn Paul(Clare) on my poster because regardless of what anyone else says, Eli and Clare are endgame. 🙂

  15. Cory Lee! Because she makes such a cute teacher 😉 and because she is overall awesome and the sweetness in person

  16. Munro Chambers. Because he is one of the most touching actors that has been on Degrassi, and has shown a commitment to not let the fame go to his head, and kept in touch with his fans. He is kind hearted and overall beautiful in every way. ❤

  17. I would like to have Adam Torres, Eli Goldsworthy, and Clare Edwards on a poster because they are my favorite characters, and I relate to the 2 characters the most. and that are just beautiful people@

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