Degrassi Emmy Nomination

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Degrassi is one of five programs that have been nominated for  Outstanding Children’s Program at the 2011 Emmy Awards. The episode, “My Body is a Cage pt.2” is representing the Degrassi nomination. This is a great honor for the popular Canadian show, but there is stiff competition with other popular Disney and Nick programs. Despite the competition, this is a grand stage for Degrassi as it’s sure to help globalize Degrassi even more. Congratulations to the cast and crew for all their hard work for this recognition. The Primetime Emmy Awards air September 18th at 9pm ET on Fox.


Degrassi – My Body Is A Cage, Part 2
Epitome Pictures, Inc. in association with TeenNick and CTV/Much Music
Linda Schuyler, Executive Producer; Stephen Stohn, Executive Producer; Brendon Yorke, Executive Producer; Stephanie Williams, Supervising Producer; David Lowe, Producer; Stefan Brogren, Producer


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2 thoughts on “Degrassi Emmy Nomination

  1. i really think that drew and ali should really get together again they were such a cute couple there always flirting nd they should really get back together this season

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