Meet & Greets: A Matter of When

The probability of a Degrassi 2011 M & G in the United States is slim to none. Okay, so I understand that Degrassi is one of Canada’s greatest exports which explains their repeated chances at meeting the cast, but here in the United States we have more dedicated fans. Degrassi gets higher ratings over here despite being on a network with virtually no content whatsoever. I understand that our population is ten times that of Canada, but here in the United States we also have more people per household, which shows that there is more exposure here that is not given credit for. I am by no means leaving our friends up north hanging, as we are all apart of a successful Degrassi community. I simply believe that we(U.S citizens) should get our chance, whenever that may be. An insider from Epitome once stated that we should consistently flood the Degrassi and Teenick FB Fan Pages, along with the message boards over at Teenick if we want this to happen. Let your voice be heard now. If you are a fan, please vote below and spread the word that you want an opportunity for meet & greets. It’s time to put our words to actions, I’m ready to welcome the cast. Are you?

Degrassi FB

Teenick FB(company page)

Teenick Boards

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3 thoughts on “Meet & Greets: A Matter of When

  1. you are right about that it would be nice to meet the degrassi cast im with you all the way.

  2. I’ve been watching this show since the beginning!!!!! I would just DIE if I had a chance to meet the cast. Its a really big dream of mine.

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