Degrassi Episode Descriptions

Some episode descriptions have surfaced from the reliable Kyle over at CableTalkTv for the episodes to be shown in the first couple of weeks. I’ll be taking a closer look at the descriptions hopefully before Friday. By the looks of it, we can expect some interesting character interactions.

Mon, 7/18 9p-10p et

“Degrassi Spring Fever” Specially Packages, with limited commercials

Degrassi’s got Spring Break fever, wooo! Keke Palmer’s playing a concert — and Sav’s heartstrings — while Drew and Bianca get in WAY too deep.

Tues, 7/19 9p-9:30p et


Eli seems to be taking his and Clare’s break-up well… a little too well for Clare’s liking, actually. Will a new guy help her get closure?

Wed, 7/20 9p-9:30p et

“What’s My Age Again?”

Anya’s 18th birthday is nigh… paging Dr. Chris! And KC is trapped in baby-ville with Jenna; but is there an escape hatch?

Thurs, 7/21 9p-9:30p et


Drew’s life was so much simpler before Bianca was in it. Would it be simple again if she were gone?

Mon, 7/25 9p-9:30p et

“Cry Me a River, pt. 1”

Dave and Adam are vying for a spot hosting a show on Degrassi’s airwaves. But is Dave ready to share the air with a transgender guy?

Tues, 7/26 9p-9:30p et

“Cry Me a River, pt. 2”

When the school backlashes against Dave for his offensive outburst against transgender students, he’s left feeling persecuted and censored.

Wed, 7/27 9p-9:30p et

“Dirt Off Your Shoulder, pt. 1”

Eli’s got professional help handling the pressure of writing the school play, but there are no miracles. Will a new heroine save the day?

Thurs, 7/28 9p-9:30p et

Dirt Off Your Shoulder, pt. 2”

Riley’s family isn’t changing, and neither is Zane. Faced with an impossible choice between them, Riley can’t put it off any longer.


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