Degrassi Society Season 10 Mashup

Finally the latest tournament is here and like I promised a month ago, this was all things Season 10 right down to the cast,characters, and the episodes. All of the matchups were randomized so it is 100% okay if you see a couple like EClare matched up against the episode, My Body Is A Cage. Posted below is one of the four brackets which includes both the first and second rounds. Even though you can see some second round match ups already in place, the voting will focus solely on the first round until the second round begins. The voting is simple, vote for what or whom you enjoyed most about Season 10 in a given matchup. We have watched the episodes numerous times, have seen the character development, and with many we have interacted with on social networks. Now it is up to Degrassi fans everywhere to be honest and have a little bit of fun. Click the picture to get a bigger view of the bracket.

Teenick Pics and NoN Promo here

Degrassi Society Tourney News


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