Returning Characters

We are just about 60 days away from the 11th season of the new era version of Degrassi. So it is time to look at the returning characters for the summer portion of the new season. This will not include the new cast members, but only those who will or are in line to be a part of the main cast. The first 7 weeks of episodes will continue the final part of the school year that started in season 10.


  • Anya MacPherson
  • Chantay Black
  • Fiona Coyne
  • Holly J Sinclair
  • Riley Stavros
  • Sav Bhandari
  • Zane Park


  • Bianca DeSousa
  • Drew Torres
  • Eli Goldsworthy
  • Marisol Lewis
  • Owen Milligan


  • Adam Torres
  • Alli Bhandari
  • Clare Edwards
  • Connor Deslauriers
  • Dave Turner
  • Jenna Middleton
  • K.C. Guthrie
  • Wesley Betenkamp


  • Sadie Rowland


  • Mark FitzgeraldJunior
  • Jess Martello- Freshman

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