Tackling Storylines-Season 11

Spoiler Alert!!!

Hersch here with some news to report directly from the “Ask the Tv Addict Columnover at TheTvAddict.

A tad bit of info was reported today from the website regarding the Season 11 cast of Degrassi. Check out what they had to say below.

“Rest assured, said additions will in no way take away screen time from the current cast you’ve come to know and love. So much so that upcoming eleventh season episodes will have one student of the male persuasion tackle the taboo that is shoplifting, another who is no stranger to trouble finding herself confronted with cocaine, while a third fan favorite is forced to deal with the baggage that comes when two squabbling parents fail to handle their divorce as maturely as one might hope”.

What does this all mean? Who will these characters be? Most have a consensus that one of them is Clare but who are the others? The discussion is all yours and we’ll find out starting in July.

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5 thoughts on “Tackling Storylines-Season 11

  1. OMG it will totally be owen who shoplifts. we have not seen much of him. Bianca takes cocaine and Clare deals with parents

  2. Okayyy…it is definitely holly j who shoplifts (has had previous money issues). fionas cousin had the meth problem, so it might be fiona who is confronted with cocaine. and yeah the parents are divorcing immaturely are definitely clares.

  3. Okay…..so from wat i heard i think in order its Eli, Anya, Clare

    P.s i think that anya has the drug problem cuz in the now or never promo she acted pretty strange and fainted

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