Season 11 News

Hersch here reporting a much needed Degrassi season 11 update. Many of these things have been pointed out already but here we go:

Justin Kelly’s character is Jake. It was once Noah.

The character once known as Dennis, will now be known as Mo.

Season 11 begins July, 18th. The summer eps are now 7 weeks long instead of the 6 weeks we had last summer. We are still getting the 4 new eps a week with a recap of all the eps on Friday. Here are some of the confirmed episodes for the summer. All the eps will be a two-parter. Degrassi Society will revisit all of the episode titles confirmed after season 10 is over. We will be analyzing the lyrics and getting your take on what’s to come for Season 11.


What’s My Age Again?


Cry Me A River

Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Paper Planes

Should’ve Said No

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