Degrassi News – Season 11

I am highlighting my first written post in well over a month with some news regarding Season 11. Stephen Stohn tweeted some great news today in which he tells the episode format, who is going to play three of the new characters, and a hint at a surprise to be announced later.

“And the summer will have daily Degrassis like last summer.. with one twist you’ll like, which I’ll let MuchMusic announce!”

“Cristine Prosperi, Justin Kelly and Chloe Rose join the cast as Imogen Moreno, Jake Martin and Katie Matlin”

“Yes, Degrassi Season 11 is confirmed, there’ll be 44 episodes (one of which is an hour-long, so 45 half-hours in total”

Many people are familiar with Justin Kelly as he starred in “The Latest Buzz” alongside Munro Chambers. We will have more information regarding the other two confirmed for the show as soon as we hear more from Stephen Stohn.

Come back throughout the day for more info

New Info regarding season 11here


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One thought on “Degrassi News – Season 11

  1. omg how cool is that, another actor from the latest buzz, it just amazes me how people can do a show together and then not see each other for years until they come out in another move or show together :]

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