Degrassi Character Of The Day #13

Our last DCOTD brought you something different. We covered the “Three Tenners”. To view that click here. This time around we bring to you a voter’s choice. The votes were really close for two of the characters and by coincidence, they happen to be twins. Everyone had different views about these characters before they made their appearance on screen but these two brought the diplomatic edge to Degrassi. Declan and Fiona both came in together at Degrassi in Season 9 but in just one season they were spread a part. Both have lived out seperate paths in their lives but I hope we get to see more of them together as a family. Declan started out as the guy who was the ladies man or the “player” of the two. He forged relationships with Jane while she still had a boyfriend, and eventually dated Holly J. Nowadays Declan is rarely seen as he transferred schools and is now living in New York. Fiona on the other hand was very connected to her brother to the point where you would have thought they were dating had you not known that they’re siblings. She is known for being very emotional. In New York she got real jealous of  Holly J and just completely acted like a fool. Fiona got into the relationship spirit herself but that ended because she suffered through some physical abuse with the guy. Eventually we see Fiona return to Degrassi and became best friends with Holly J. Recently she has been hit by the love bug as she and Adam have shared some intimacy. That relationship is and seems like it will be complicated as time moves on. We have seen a side of Fiona that we have not seen with a Riley or Bobby. Ofcourse those relationships were different and not driven by love. What I hope to see for the rest of season 10 is something with more substance involving Declan. I also want to see how Fiona starts to dig deep within herself for it is sure to cause some problems. All I know is that the Coyne twins should be in for an interesting scenario as we finish the season.


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