Thoughts on New Characters/ Season 11 pt.1

Earlier, as a result of a memo from the casting department, four new character bios somehow got out to the public. We all got introduced to the four characters that Epitome will be looking to cast for the first half of Season. The character’s background that strikes me the most is Katie Matlin. This is not because she and I share the athletic accomplishments but because she is a bit different from the cast now. Also her best friend will be Marisol so it seems that now Marisol will be part of the main cast along with Katie. Just a thought. I’m interested in how legit that friendship will seem as opposed to some of the friendships we currently have on the show now. When I read “Imogen Berish” I thought Imogen Heap. If you do not know who she is, just do a little research. She seems like a comedian but she is not. Just a girl who waste her time doing anything to make people think one way, just so that she can manipulate them.Noah to me seems like a Taylor Lautner meets Zac Efron meets Drew Torres. He lost his mother which I guess is no secret now. That is definitely something that would have been better to find out during Season 11. Then there is Dennis, the character that is a mistake to me. I love the idea of the overweight teen who has to deal with the pressures in life. Also to see this kind of character grow throughout the show is great for Degrassi. What gets me is the fact that he will only last a half of a season. Then he graduates with Sav, Holly J, and the rest of the Seniors. A character who has suffered throughout his High School days with his weight and social life will only last 24 episodes. Thats a no go in my book.These are just some pre-season 11 thoughts. I am excited about Katie and was excited about Dennis until I found out his status as a senior. The jury is still out on Imogen and Noah for me. If  both the plots and the acting are on point, I expect Noah to be interesting in terms of his interaction with the females. Maybe I am proven wrong but this what I feel about the characters that will be introduced this summer.

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 Imogen Berish
Gender: Female
Age: 16 yrs
Fun, energetic, with a magnetic look and intense stare–Imogen would hate for anyone to think she’s boring, so she goes to great lengths to stand out from the crowd: bandaging her unwounded wrists, or even posing as a homeless kid to beg for change. She puts on the airs of being en enlightened individual, but it’s a ploy to manipulate those around her. She worries one day someone will discover her secret: she’s a normal kid looking for excitement in her life.

 Katie Matlin  
Gender: Female
Age: 16 yrs
Katie works hard and plays hard. A gifted athlete, she’s been training to make the National Under 17 Woman’s Soccer Team. She’s pretty, but fresh-faced, her years of mastering the bicycle kick keeping her from learning how to cake on the make-up. She’s driven and thorough when it comes to academics and extracurriculars; she’s blunt and direct when talking to other girls, even fun-loving BFF Marisol; but when it comes to talking to boys or about matters of the heart, she clams up. The soccer field prepared her for a lot of things, but not love.

Dennis MacDonnell
Gender: Male
Age: 17 yrs
Dennis MacDonnell is an overweight grade 12 student. He’s self-aware, cynical, quick-witted and smart. Dennis has always struggled with his weight, and as a consequence, has taken a social backseat for most of high school. In his graduating year, Dennis is ready to put himself out there and have a great time before leaving Degrassi for good. Dennis’ keen ear and passion for music will bring him into a unique friendship with Sav and closer to his hidden crush: Alli.

Noah Bradley
Gender:  Male
Age: 16 yrs
A man of few words, Degrassi’s new heartthrob is good with his hands and quick with a grin. Noah spends most of his free time at the cottage. After his mom died, he and his dad renovated their lake cabin in her honour. All of Noah’s shirtless hard work eventually paid off…especially when girls started admiring his boyish good looks and strong physique. Let’s just say Noah’s made out with his share of bikini clad Muskoka girls. But he never let them get in the way of the stuff he truly loves: watching sports, hanging with friends, fishing, and camping. He’s a guy’s guy who doesn’t play games and means what he says – all with a good dose of humour and charm.


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One thought on “Thoughts on New Characters/ Season 11 pt.1

  1. Also, a new girl (only a recurring character) named Athena is going to be Riley’s fake girlfriend to hide the fact he is gay.

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