New Degrassi Promo/Thoughts

Officially we are one week away from new Degrassi episodes and what a great way to start out this Friday by the release of a new promo. This promo is showing the deeper side of things between some of the current or brewing relationships that all have barriers in one way or another.

EClare- “You ripped my heart out”(Eli)- This does not look good for them

Fadam- “Fiona pulls you in”(If heard correctly)(Holly J?)- Does not look good for Fadam as Fiona may be confused with what she wants

Drew/Bianca- “We’ve had a lot of fun together and we’re gonna have a lot more”(Bianca)- Seems like Drew will finally agree with his friends about Bianca

Ziley- “Oh God”(Riley)- Im not sure that the mom catches the kiss to see what really happens, but this will cause some friction between Zane and Riley

Holly J- I for some reason just feel that Fiona will attack Holly J because of something she says. Possibly to Adam

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One thought on “New Degrassi Promo/Thoughts

  1. My thoughts were that Eli wanted to spend some time with Sav to catch up.(they havent since they went to the concert) And then when Holly J needs to go over something, Eli lashes out at her. That probably wont happen, though.

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