Much Music Press Release

Today Much Music came out with their press release regarding the return of Degrassi which included a detailed description of the episode titled, “When Love Takes Over“. Here is a blurb from the release:

When Love Takes Over”
Friday, Feb. 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT
“Sweetheart Week hits DEGRASSI and Adam is shocked by his newfound connection with Fiona. That is until Fiona’s drinking habits become out of control. He’s willing to turn a blind eye if it means they get to spend time together, but begins to wonder if he’s the problem. Meanwhile, Anya is thrilled that her mom has been proclaimed cancer free, but is not thrilled that she won’t get to see cute and funny Dr. Chris anymore. But when romance blooms, Anya is thrilled. Good thing he doesn’t know she’s a 17-year-old high school student”…

It seems with Adam and Fiona is going to come down to perhapes a decision made by Adam that will determine if these two can co-exist without the major consumption of alcohol for Fiona. The biggest emotional story for Anya in her Degrassi lifetime is coming to an end as her mom will now be Cancer free. It is great that her mom will be Cancer free but this basically brings Anya back to square one. It is definitely something that I wish we would find out in the show, not an episode description. Also this opens up the possibility of  who will be in a car accident or perhaps death possibilities for Anya. A lot of people have Eli, Declan, and some others but I now think Anya could be a character thrown into the mix.


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