Episode Descriptions for 1033-1037

Courtesy of Kyle over at CableTvTalk we now have episode descriptions for the next five episodes of Degrassi. We are left without the description for part 2 of the episode titled “Jesus,Ect” but this is still amazing news nonetheless.

Hour-Long Premiere Friday, 2/11 at 9pm et
“When Love Takes Over”
It’s Sweetheart Week at Degrassi. Fiona and Adam are back on track — maybe. Anya’s in love — but not of age. And even Dave found a girlfriend — if he can get over himself.

Premieres Friday, 2/18 at 9pm et
“The Way We Get By, pt. 1”
After his boiler room cheat-fest with Bianca, girls consider Drew ‘gross by association’. But there’s one girl who doesn’t seem to mind… Bianca.

Premieres Friday, 2/25 at 9pm et
“The Way We Get By, pt. 2”
Drew’s friends think Bianca is bad news, and they’re not wrong. Is he willing to put everything on the line for the one girl who will have him?

Premieres Friday, 3/4 at 9pm et
“Jesus, Etc., pt. 1”
Fitz is back. And he’s eerily desperate to talk to Clare and Eli. What exactly does he want from them? And will it tear them apart?


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