Degrassi Society Interview w/ Munro

Introducing Degrassi’s very own Eli Goldsworthy. I am giving you guys another shot to be involved with Degrassi.

Degrassi Society will have the pleasure of interviewing Munro Chambers. If you want a chance for any of your questions to be used in Degrassi Society’s interview with Munro then please use any of the methods I provide below:

Twitter: @hersch24


You can even use the comment box below to leave any potential questions you would want to ask Munro. The more you ask, the better your chances are at getting one asked and possibly answered. I will also be giving away special opportunities for those involved in the social media world of Twitter. This is the perfect chance for Munro to notice who you are on Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Degrassi Society Interview w/ Munro

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  3. What character traits do you share with Eli? [Like, how are you alike with the character you portray?]

    Also, the question submit box doesn’t work for me. It says that there are errors even though I properly filled out all of the fields.

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