Both Stephen Stohn and Stefan Brogren tweeted last night about mixing the final episode of season 10 together. Season 10 should commence at the Spring Dance and we will most likely be seeing some Eli and Julia flashbacks. By the looks of this edit  above, it seems as if Julia was just as dark if not darker than Eli. She screams mysterious when I look at her. Not only am I interested to see how their relationship functioned, but I am also interested to see if there were any past clues that were so subtle at the time that really appears in regard to Eli’s life pre-Clare. I want to know if Julia had a special story.There are so many questions that I have but I could just be over-doing it. I even have a weird theory that Eli and Julia were siblings by adoption who never actually dated but were so close(or maybe not). In order to protect her from bad guys, Eli acted like they were dating. Obviously it wouldn’t be this simple but this theory is just an abridged version. I might be a little crazy but hey it’s Degrassi. This is fun analyzing promos and stories. What are your thoughts about seeing Julia and Eli?


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