In Too Deep Fan Reactions

Recently the “In Too Deep” Degrassi commercial was released and it sparked a lot of discussion. I decided to talk to my tweeps on Twitter about the new promo and the following below are a few of the responses to me regarding the promo. It includes thoughts about the promo itself, death, and just the reaction to the fact that the promo actually made it to their Tv screens.

Tweets mentioning @hersch24

“maybe Holly J denied Fiona her body, so Fiona attacked (When Rich Girls Attack)”

“I really don’t like alli as a character, she doesnt have substance, I hope this season changes that”      

“It makes more sense in my head that he is upset about her leaving him, Eli has a head on his shoulders, he knows Clare loves him”  

“I’m excited to see what happens with the runaway tho”  

 “I don’t Like alli -.- lol

“this promo just made is 10000000x harder to wait for the new ep.! ahhhh idk what to do”

 “death -.- I think someone gonna die!”     

“And now that I saw the promo in the best quality I am REALLY FREAKED.”

“I REALLY don’t want to but I’m literally having a heart attack! Especially when they left off with such HAPPINESS in the last ep.”     

“I think the supposed death and the crash will happen to two different characters.” “WHAT?!?!?!”  

 “Eli dying… I can’t even fathom that”

“Its been clarified that Eli will be in season 11 so he does not die”

“it’ll be like when JT died. i’ll be very sad and won’t be able to watch the ep where it happens”

“i will need an adrenaline shot to bring me back to life”   

“it was the best promo they have ever had but i wont be able to enjoy any happy moments”

 “a lot of the promo had to do with the Misfits hmmm….”

“I’m hoping no cliff hangers they annoy me.“

“it “You made a promise, remember, that you’d never leave me” He’s on the phone…talking to Clare, or maybe he might be suicidal, or just trying to run away again I still believe he is going towards Julia’s grave—I analyze Eli and Clare”

“hahah WTF?!?!? I left my house this morning and just came back to find out the new” “promo is out! Those tricksters lol”  

“I really want to know more about Julia though, flashbacks when he’s upset would be cool”

“I think Eli might accidentally pressure Clare for sex bc he needs that physical connection in order t sustain his emotional healthman”

 “it makes me so nervous”  

“Eli has no one to talk to so he goes to Julias grave i think, depressed”  

“I think Eli told Julia that he would never leave her. He broke up with her. Rode off on her bike. Got killed.”  

“I love Eclare so much bc it reminds me of my relationship.”

“27 more fricken days…eli better not crash.”   

“Well. I know for a FACT that Alli DOES transfer back to Degrassi. She’s talking to Clare at the Spring Break Dance.”

“My point is: Fiona says “you’re beautiful.” Holly J. smiles. Next thing ya know, she’s in a hospital. WTF?”

  “Yeah i died, went to the hospital, then reincarnated”

“I’m upset about Eclare but Fadam will be interesting especially if Fi is really interested in Holly J”

“poor Adam. He can’t find anyone to accept him for who he TRULY is.”

“If Holly J goes lesbian our Degrassi world as we know it is SERIOUSLY MESSED UP. I’m so sad and excited at the same time.”

“But this is like a nightmare. A NIGHTMARE!”   

“Eli has almost died, has revealed his hoarding, and Clare had to go through her parents divorce. it should be plenty alive!”

“yeah cause there’s another promo where clare is driving, but that one looks like it’s near the school.”

“I’m DEAD! That promo killed me! My world is ending! It’s the apocalypse! Ahhhh!”



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7 thoughts on “In Too Deep Fan Reactions

  1. did anyone think 1 of two things:
    1. Fiona might be the one dying, and she did something and Holly J was there and thats why she’s in the hospital
    2. for the few or us that thought that it was going to be Declan that died, now its fiona. Weird, huh?

    • I aaah! who is it thats gonna die like ik is no eli couse he is in season 11 it mite me alli but idk! lol

  2. In the shark in the water music video, Eli got the death card. I honestly think after seeing this promo that he will die. Eli and JT were both my only favorites and both die if im correct about Eli. Maybe it has something to do with Julia too.

  3. i know that someones gonna die but i hope that its not going to be eli because hes my favorite character and i love him i would like to know whats goin 2 happen between adam and fiona and does fiona turn bi because of holly j omg the suspense i cannot wait until february i love degrassi and all the characyers

  4. I think eli will come to his senses and pull the car over, instead of atempting to committ suicide. I think that Holly J might have been put in the hospital by Adam because she might think Fiona wants Holly J more so then her. I think Alli was the one that got killed because she was getting mugged by that guy; Alli might have put up a fight and got killed.

  5. Adam (the character) is a boy, even if that’s because he’s transgender, and therefore should be referred to as ‘he’ not ‘she.’ I think the letter/journal entry of Fiona’s that Holly J gave to Adam is about Holly J, not Adam. Fiona is not interested in him, but the idea of him, as he is the guy at school who is closest to being a girl. If you look back at the Fiona/Riley storyline, it makes perfect sense that Fiona likes girls. She wanted to appear to date Riley without actually having to like him, for both their sake. Fiona’s even made comments about going to the dot to get away from ‘raging male hormones.’ I think Fiona has liked Holly J romantically from the beginning. And I believe that Holly J will reciprocate those feelings, because gay or straight, she cares about Fiona deeply- more deeply than a simple friend may. In the end, Holly J will probably get scared by her feelings, freak out and temporarily end it, but I believe the interest is there. I think a relationship will be pursued, whether or not the promo scene was a dream.

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