Degrassi “In Too Deep”

I am going to make this short and just say that one new promo plus a shortened version have been released on Teenick this afternoon depending on your timezone. Check out the new promos below. I am curious to know what you think about them. In Too Deep is the new tag name that Stephen Stohn was talking about earlier this week. This is one of the better promos Degrassi has had that challenges every emotion you possibly have.


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41 thoughts on “Degrassi “In Too Deep”

  1. Is riley exsposed in degrassi in to deep or is he going to stay in the closet and not tell his mother. p.s. does agris”s charachter have a father.

  2. I want to see when johnny diMarco makes an appearance. Does he help turn Alli around? im very interested in that and will eli die? i think eli will get in to a car accident and survive but prolly have amnesia

  3. From the promo I see that obviously Alli will continue to have some issues. Fiona will have some interest in Holly J which is going to be an interesting triangle. Ofcourse there is EClare going through some problems as well. It seems as if Eli will get too clingy. It could be because of Fitz or because of Julia’s upcoming anniversary of her death.Eli

  4. O MY GOSH, just seeing this makes me wanna dye. Fiona a lesbian ? Alli is back ? And Eli, o Eli i really hope he doesn’t die.I was already in tears when i though Fitz had stabbed him. But Eli committing suicide due to Clare needing space. If he dies, i will cry until the day i die. Cause like i always say ” Some people say on day they’ll find their Romeo or their prince charming, but u know what i say… someday i’ll find my Eli” . So, wow i cannot wait(:

  5. It might be because of Fitz, because he did come back in the promo and he showed up at Clare’s house. Something might happen between the two and that will cause Clare to want to be away from Eli for awhile. Just a guess.

  6. I know but Clare just sed she wanted some space & not jus cuz that Eli is goin 2 kill himself somethin else is goin 2 happen. I cnt wait. u ppl r all idiots 4 thinkin that. Adam like Fiona but now on that u think shes a lesb. I agree but if she does then whats the problem ? She can b w/ Adam then. Unless she has a crush on Holly J. But i dnt understand though how can she b a lesb. If she dated Riley & Bobby ? Ughhh we’ll hav 2 watch 2 find out later chikas

    • I think it is kinda funny how Fiona and Holly J went from basically enemies to best friends. Also i think fiona went lesb because she struggled with a dude relationship. IDK all i know is that i can’t wait till it comes on!!!

  7. I’m almost 100% it will be either Eli or Fiona who ends up killing themselves. Just the fact that Fiona is so mentally and emotionally unstable puts her on the list. Eli seems to be on the rocks too…Clare looks angry at Eli, and says that he is suffocating her. It looked like the promo showed Eli in his car, leaning back and closing his eyes. Maybe he literally suffocated himself…just a thought. Other bet would be Adam or Fitz. Adam for obvious reasons…and Fitz’ life just seems to be COMPLETELY screwed up. He’s kind of reminding me of Sean from a while back. KC might do something as well, but I didn’t see him in the promo, which is making me lean toward Eli again.

  8. Ugh, why do they have to torture us with this marathon. Not that I’m saying it’s a bad thing. I really hope that Eli and Clare don’t breakup. That would be the end of my world.

  9. i think that the reason why Claire is going to feel suffocated is because Fitz is coming back and Eli wants to make sure Claire doesn’t get hurt so he is going to spend too much time with her and not give her much space.

  10. i think the reason why Claire is going to feel suffocated is because Fitz is coming back and Eli wants to make sure Claire doesn’t get hurt so he starts spending too much time with her and doesn’t give her enough space!!! Don’t worry though, i feel as if they will last 4 ever!!!

  11. Me personally …. I think that Holly J will find out that Fiona has a crush on her by the way she starts to act around her …. And Ali ….. I see her as a prostitue ! Ohh and saving the best for last Eli and Clare …. I think that Clare shouldnt have yelled at him which might’ve hurt his feelings and he wanted to kill himself ! But while they were on the phone he told her Promise me you will never let go ! then he closed his eyes and leaned back …. I will cryyy soooo bad if he dies !

  12. You people think over your heads, I was laughing so hard at what some of you said, and Christal Eli said “Remember you said you would never leave me.” Not never let go!

  13. Its probably gonna be Claire thats not gonna return cause fitz showed up at her house all creepy and what not , forces her to date him , then Eli gets all emotional hence ” Remmeber you said you would never leave me ” THEN BOOM. C:

  14. I hope nobody dies on Degrassi. Eli and Claire should stay together graduate together get married. KC should marry Jenna. Fitz should leave Eli alone and become good to everybody.

  15. First, i dont want eli to die either. I like him in the show. Second, what if there is a chance fiona likes someone that isnt holly and shes just complementing her? i would love for them to be a couple but lots of people do promos like that to throw you off. all i know is i cant wait for the new season.

  16. did you all see the NEW degrassi promo? Eli looks really pissed off… also it looks like Adam moved away from Fionas kiss 😦 … i was soo happy that Drew left Beoncia in the woods… maybe he is worried about Ali… also i want them 2 show Wesley… he is the cutiest nerd EVER… 🙂

  17. i think that Fitz comes back. So Eli spends a ton of time with her. And when he is in the car i think that it is Eli’s flash back to the night when julia died. Or Clare says something to Eli and so he leaves her.But then clare realizes that she loves Eli and can’t live with out him

  18. So pumped for this season, but at the same time hella scared. Hope eli doesn’t die though. Who knows. Maybe Jenna’s soon to be born baby could die? That’s possibly.

    • i think that eli is not going to die nor will clare, i think that fits is going to be stalking them so eli spends way too much time with her. Nut apparently someone might die and im thinking its jennas soon to be baby. My prediction is that jenna will get in a wreck with eli and it will kill the baby. I also predict that ali will come back too degrassi after showing that she cant’t handle it.

      Please answer my question. ( what does the name in too deep do to the show title because are there like chapter titles because i never understood the boiling point title i thought the boiling point was a new show after the next generation. this question has bugged me all day im so confused pealse help me?)

      • The show is still called degrassi and it is still season 10 but what they are doing is giving a unique sub title to a collection of episodes. The first 24 episodes of season 10 were sub-titled the Boiling Point because eventually someone was pushed to the Boiling Point. Its to basically add some flavor and buildup for all the episodes.

  19. i think/hope that eli wont die but he will get in a car crash and as far as who dies then idk but im pretty sure on the promo it said “and someone MAY not get out” or something like that so maybe no one will die although that isnt likey on degrassi 😉 and also im watched the promos and i havent seen anything about Fitz or drugs so can u plz post like a promo if thats what u saw them in or is it just a prediction

  20. I dont want Eli to die 😦
    I really hope he doesnt!
    And that Clare and Eli stay together
    I love them together 🙂

  21. as much as i love eli and eli and claire together i really think if anyone is gonna die itll be one of them. In the shark in the water promo clare pulls the death card in shock and eli raises an eyebrow. In tonights (march 11) episode of jesus etc eli catches clare being nice to fitz and changes his story hes writing to not killing his enemy but killing the woman he loves then he makes clare promise not to leave him. In future clips she yells were not meant for each other and he says yes we are i think hell either kill her and then himself or just her and go to jail since the spinner in the carnival promo ends everything on lockdown any questions or wanna chat about it email me or facebook me sn is Brittany Turcotte Brown

  22. Eli is so fine , i love eli n hope he doesnt die so i think that clare should stay with eli no matter what happens n i think drew will leave bianca n will go 4 alli but alli will reject him

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