Degrassi Character Of The Day #12

Character of the day number twelve brings you three friends who I hope stick together for the remainder of their High School lives. “The Three Tenners” as they called themselves before releasing a single that garnered fourty odd hits as stated by Dave. Let’s start this off with Connor. He is the God-Son of Mr.Simpson as we learned at the very beginning of Season 8. Connor suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome which as we saw affected his social behavior. In season 10’s The Boiling Point we saw Connor’s biggest storyline yet. This storyline involved Connor befriending a woman simply known to him as LoveQueen16 in The Realm of Doom videogame. This led to Connor’s leg eventually being touched by this woman while they were alone. It is also known that Connor had a crush on Clare in Season 8 and he even had an incident in which he pushed Alli. Speaking of Alli, our next tenner is Dave. He is the kid that strives to be cool as he burst onto the scene in Season 9. He is also known as the cousin of Chantay and we all know what she brings to the table. Dave’s focus was getting recognized and as we turned to season 10 it was about getting Alli. Dave hasnt’t accomplished any feats of popularity or relationships with Alli. He actually hasn’t fulfilled any relationships but atleast he tries hard. A big test of friendship this year was when Dave wanted to fit in with the “crew” but Wesley wanted in as well. This lead to Dave making fun of him and Wesley outing Dave letting the crew know that Dave’s father was indeed a cop stationed at Degrassi. This all came down to one moment where Dave tasered Wesley only that they made up afterwards. Now onto Wesley who is our final member of the Three Tenners. He first was seen in Season 9  in which Clare bit his neck. In Season 10, his eyes were set on Clare’s alleged boob job, Dead Hand concert tickets, Connor’s situation, fitting in with Dave, and getting with Anya. Wesley signed himself up for the Bachelor Auction with his hopes of getting Anya to bid for him. He sought out to Drew for help in the female department. Wes eventually got what he wanted as Anya bidded on him basically because no else did. It was during this time frame when Wesley suffered his “Wet Dream” about Anya. On their date Wesley actually took some sexual pills to last longer and this set up a visit to the hospital where Anya ran into her mom’s doctor. At the end of the day it was Wesley who decided that it was best for Anya to have time alone with her crush. Over the course of Season 10 so far, The Three Tenners’ friendship has been tested bewteen all of them whether it is the Lovequeen situation or even Dave’s autotune adjustment. I have enjoyed the Three Tenners thus far and hope to see more of them throughout the next few seasons of Degrassi.


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