Degrassi on Much Music

Much Music came out with a new article today highlighting the return of  successful shows in which Degrassi being one of them.

“And then in just a few weeks…’s the return of DEGRASSI! Mark Friday, February 11th on your calendars guys: it returns @ 8PM ET!”

The big news here is that Degrassi will be returning at 8pm on Much Music which means that if Teenick does not also make the change then we are in for a tough ride starting February 11th especially with all the social media frenzy Degrassi creates. It was bad enough in the past when the episodes aired weeks and months ahead of time in Canada than here in the U.S. Degrassi fans expect the schedule starting in February to remain the same like it has all season in which the show airs at the same time respectively in both countries. Here is hope that Teenick gets it right by also airing Degrassi at 8pm starting February 11th.

**Update as of 1/6/11 1:20pm est: Degrassi Society is here to report that the mention of Degrassi airing at 8pm in Canada was a mistake made by the people over at Much Music. It will be airing at 9pm on both Teenick and Much Music. A representative for Much Music tweeted this just minutes ago:

“Ooops! Hey #Degrassi fans – your fave show is returning to Much on Friday Feb 11 at 9ET, not 8ET. Sorry for the flub.”


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