Degrassi “CM” Roulette Champion + Hint

You guys have spoken and the Degrassi Roulette Character Matchup Champion is Eli Goldsworthy. Now this does not come as a shock to basically anyone who breathes but at some point during this finale it looked as if  Eli was going to lose. Add in the fact that he seems to have a deeper and more loyal fanbase and we have a guy who came from behind to win the competition. Congratulations to Eli Goldsworthy who won with 47% of the votes.

Stephen Stohn tweeted a small hint for Degrassi fans earlier today;

 “The next block of 12 Degrassi’s starting February 11 will have a name, like The Boiling Point did…only of course it’s not called The Boiling Point, nor is it The Breaking Point”.


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One thought on “Degrassi “CM” Roulette Champion + Hint

  1. Congratulations Elijah Goldsworthy 😀 u r awesome, even though i didn’t vote 4 u, i voted 4 u the last time around but through most of it i chose J.T. Yorke because he will be dearly missed. R.I.P. James Tiberius Yorke

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