Degrassi 2011 Countdown

 We are less than 48 hours away from the New Year and that could only mean one thing. Yes it means we inch closer and closer to the Every Episode Ever which will lead us to the last serving of season 10 episodes. The most or second most important thing depending on however you want to order it is CHANGE. I emphasize that word not only because I expect it with the final part of Season 10, but also because that is what will occur to Degrassi Society for the New Year. Some changes will be noticable and some will be subtle. These changes will start for the New Year and there will continue to be changes made before Season 10 returns.There will also be some new additions to the site and more work done behind the scenes. So be on the lookout starting in 2011. Here are some current blog news:

*Degrassi Roulette Character Matchups are in full effect. Round 3 is currently in progress and will end later at a time tbd. Round 4 will immediately start after that. Posts will be up later with more information

*To start the New Years off right there is a certain portion of this post that includes a feedback form that is instrumental in the growth of Degrassi Society.



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