Degrassi Society Future Interview

Things are good at this time of the year which includes various movies, music, and shows related to the holidays. There is also the major shopping that is involved, inclement weather depending on where you live and much more. Now add the fact that Degrassi won’t make its’ return until February doesn’t seem to quite heal the process. In addition to building your snowmen or even wishing you had snow, I am offering you guys a way to be involved in Degrassi related material. Things are really busy at this time of the year  for the production studios and the actors included but I will have the pleasure of having an interview with Luke Bilyk after the holiday season passes. If you want a chance for any of your questions to be used in Degrassi Society’s interview with Luke then please use any of the methods I provide below:

Twitter: @hersch24


You can even use the comment box below to leave any potential questions you would want to ask luke. The more you ask, the better your chances are at getting one answered. All questions will need to be in to me by tomorrow 7pm est unless you won the immunity trivia tonight. Then it will be 9pm est for you guys. If you have any questions for me feel free to use any of the methods I stated.


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3 thoughts on “Degrassi Society Future Interview

  1. my questions, I sent them, but I don’t know where you can if he answered them? The main one, I wanted to know what it’s like to work with Jordan Todosey? She’s sooo flippin cute and adorable!

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